Monday, March 5, 2012

McKines, Laroche, Mullings and Menzies on All-WAC selections

Wendell McKines
"I can't be upset. Congratulations to Deonte Burton. Nevada won the conference regular season. From the coaches opinions, they feel as though he is the player of the year. ... I would be lying to say that it wasn't something that I expected. I worked hard this past offseason and feel as though I showed improvements in certain areas. I was looking forward to it, but it happens. ... If I needed this as motivation, I'm in the wrong profession for the simple fact that it's the WAC Tournament with the tournament on the line, with my teammates. That's enough motivation."

Hernst Laroche
"Just to show that I'm supposed to be there and all of the hard work that I did. I'm glad that they put me on there."

On being left off the all-defensive team
"I didn't really think about it but when I saw it, I thought I could have been on that team. That's what I pride myself on and I wasn't rewarded for that."

Daniel Mullings
"You can use all of that as motivation. Me and Wendell can use that as motivation going forward. I talked to him a little bit over the internet. I just told him to keep your head up and we could use that as motivation and I think that can be key for us as a team as well."

Marvin Menzies
On Wendell
"It's how the coaches vote and I'm just going to roll with the coaches vote. It's a tough thing when you feel like he might actually be the best player. But he didn't get that Player of the Year award because typically coaches vote on who is successful and Nevada is 13-1 so they will usually defer to the best player on the best team."

On Mullings and Laroche
"Again, coaches have their different logic for why they do what they do. I think Player of the Year is a common theme. Coaches try to be fair. It's about the kids at the end of the day. Daniel made a team and Hernst made a team so where these accolades distributed according to the category? Probably not but the wealth was spread quite evenly. There will be some discussions on that when coaches get together for our meetings. That's one of the topics we will discuss."


Anonymous said...

I dont think post season awards should be about "spreading the wealth". If a player worked his butt off then he should be rewarded no matter what team he plays for. Just another sign of how everything nowadays is about keeping everyone happy and handing awards just so they wont cry.


Anonymous said...

Fred Peete was the last Aggie and Reggie's recruit, to make the all WAC defensive team.

Since then, no Aggie, much less a MM recruit, has even come close to making the all defensive team.

Defense wins championships and MM boys don't know how to spell
D E F E N S E!!!
The Aggies won't make it past the 2nd round.

Wolfpack Jack

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to a Wolfpack fan (War Logan, Ut; War Reno), Jack:
Fred Peete motivated Fred Peete.
He played ball the right way. I don't think he was about to throat punch Coby Karl just because Reggie did. The three guys that made it 4 years through the program reflect very well on their coach/recruiter. Gordo was a great guy to have around for four years showing guys how to approach the game.

Anonymous said...

Reggies first team gave up 69.8 points per game

Reggies second team gave up 72.4 points per game

This years Aggie team gave up 68.5 points per game.

MM teams cant play defense?

Wolfpack Jack is on crack!!!

Anonymous said...

Wolfpack Jack,

Its nice to see you back around here. I dont think we got word of you last year when Nevada was down in the dumps. I guess that is the benefit of being a bandwagon fan huh? You get to talk smack when your team is winning but dont even show up when your team is having a down year.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention we had 2 top 3 guys in steals on our team. Just another ignorant MM hater.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2:44
Can u name a player, other than Fred Peete to make All WAC defense?

Don't hold your breath. I will be a while.

Anonymous said...

WP Jack -
Dario Hunt of course has one of those slots nailed down. Tremendous four year player and a credit to UN-Reno. That only leaves 4 slots for WAC all-1D team. Block away, Aggies usually get about 3 chances to make a layup down low anyway.