Wednesday, March 14, 2012

All Wen, all the time

Some classic lines from Wendell McKines, who is clearly enjoying his last glimpse of the college spotlight.

McKines on possibility of being intimidated
"Teams that are intimidated and are infatuated with playing bigger name schools those are the teams that lose by 40"

McKines on the comparison of him and Michigan State's Draymond Green
"From a rebounding and scoring and means a lot to the team perspective, yes. I dont' really like to compare myself to nobody. I'm special."

McKines on playing against different defenses
"I'm pretty sure there isn't a defense that I haven't seen. I know how to go about being successful."

McKines on the team's swagger
"Swagger, I wouldn't necessarily use that word. It's just the aura of our presence. You can feel that something special is going to happen."

McKines on possibility of being the focal point of the Hoosiers
"I'm a middle child so I enjoy the attention. That just means my teammates have an opportunity to get involved early. As long as they are playing at a high level, I will feed off their energy."

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Anonymous said...

As long as he backs up his talk, no problem. I seem to recall that not happening in the UTEP game in El Paso this year.