Sunday, March 11, 2012

No. 13 New Mexico State vs. No. 4 Indiana

New Mexico State gets another NCAA Tournament opponent from the Big Ten.

 This time NMSU gets Indiana. A few stats about the Hoosiers worth noting. Indiana led the Big Ten in 3 point field goal percentage at 41 percent. Guard Jordan Hulls shoots 49 percent, Christian Watford shoots 42 percent and Matt Roth shoots 55 percent off the bench.  At 6-6, 200 Will Sheehey was described to me as an athletic player who averages 8.4 ppg and 3 rebounds per game. Perhaps a matchup  with McKines.

NMSU has done a good job guarding the 3-point line since they entered WAC play, holding teams to 32 percent from 3 on the season.

Either way, Indiana has two seniors on the roster but neither plays. NMSU has three seniors and two juniors who play a lot of minutes.

"They are human," Aggies junior wing Tyrone Watson said. "They have lost games and we have lost games. Anything is possible. It will be a good match up. We are not fearing anyone. We are going in full of confidence and just going to play hard."

ESPN Analyst Doug Gottlieb picked NMSU to upset Indiana, citing Indiana's shaky record away from home and failing to handle pressure well. Indiana averaged 12 turnovers per game so it doesn't seem like much of a factor.


early said...

Let's hope the refs dont take away a game from us like in the michigan state game last time......

NO respect at all for Aggies:;_ylt=AlMd7CBTwXr.emtv2ee.d3TevbYF?slug=pf-forde_minutes_ncaa_tournament_intrigue_plentiful_031112

Anonymous said...

Aggies are a dangerous team when the players are focused and not playing out of control.

I like their chances against Indiana.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone has a great plan, before they get punched in the face" Mike Tyson.

The last time the Aggies went to the NCAA. They talked a lot of smack and backed it up for most of the game but, still lost to MSU.

I'd rather see an ugly win vs. a pretty loss!

Anonymous said...

The Aggies just gotta control the boards, shoot an accurate inside game, and guard the 3 point line and they should compete and have a very good chance at the upset!

early said...

Indiana and coach Crean:;_ylt=AhxEvSL6x.GYnlpWbDhzimzevbYF?slug=lc-carpenter_indiana_tom_crean_turnaround_031212