Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Indiana quotes

Cody Zeller
They are very athletic reason why they are in te NCAA Tournament. They like to crash the boards. We are going to have to do a nice job and get defensive rebounds. … My parents are going to go watch Tyler in Greensboro because he is the favorite. … We can't get in foul trouble. So we've got to do our work early, keep them out of the paint. Keep them off the boards. We played against some teams that get to the line quite a bit this year. We're going to have to do all the little things it takes to win. ... 

Christian Watford
We've got to put a body on them. Me and Cody will be down there the majority of the time, but we've got to get all five guys in there helping us to rebound. ...

Tom Crean
When you talk about being relentless on the backboards, we can talk about that with teams in our league. They take a backseat to nobody on that. They are sending three or four every time. I I think that's where they get a lot of their fouls is on second chance. ... Every team you face this time of year when you get in the tournament, they are more than likely to have a pro. I don't think Wendell McKines takes a backseat to anyone. He's one of the better, undersized, but also undervalued forwards probably in the country. He can score. He can shoot the ball. When you look at his numbers over a four year period of time, incredible the rise that he has made statistically. He's somebody you have to account for every posession. I don't know their players, but they have really good togetherness on the court. And it looks like they've got really solid leadership on the court. And I bet Wendell McKines has a lot to do with that. ... We can't do anything about the lack of experience we have in the tournament. There is no way around it. What we have to do is we've got to go up there and take advantage of the 33 games of experience that we have this year and do the very best we can with that. ... I think they do more than that. Those  (rebounds and free throw attempts) are the numbers that stand out with bright, neon lights. But I think they are a very good 3 point shooting team. They don't have a lot of gys maybe that attempt them, but they come off the bench and they shoot the ball very well. ... We know what they are capable of, and they are very good defensively. They make it very hard for you to score. ... (Not fouling) is about positioning, technique and awareness. The plus minus of when Mullings is in the game alone right there is strong. He's a guy that maybe doesn't take a ton of shots. but when you watch him play and see the aggressiveness of him, the way he drives it and gets to the backboard, you know you have to do a phenomenal job of keeping him off. ... We've got to have great verticality. They create contact. They jump into you. We come from a great league that has excellent officials. These guys have adjusted all year long. .. We're not going to spend a lot of time putting doubts in their head. It's not about don't foul. It's more about move your feet, have verticality, be in position. We're trying to create positives by giving great reminders."

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