Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lobos fans cheering for Aggies in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. — Ryan Miller is a fourth year assistant under Steve Alford at New Mexico.
Miller's parents made the trip from Albuquerque to not only support the Lobos, but they bought tickets to both sessions to cheer on UNM rival New Mexico State.
"I'm here to support New Mexico but I like basketball," said Miller's father, Tom Miller. "I think (the Aggies) are really good, especially inside. I saw them play versus New Mexico (the Aggies beat UNM 62-53 at The Pit in the fourth game of the season) and I picked them to win their conference."
Miller and his wife, Sheryl, seemed to be common among Lobos fans gathered behind the Lobos' bench at the Rose Garden prior to UNM's tip against Long Beach State.
"They (the Aggies) are from New Mexico and we want a good showing from our state," Sheryl Miller said.
Phillip Pina's son in a student at UNM.
Pina lives in Chama and is a season ticket holder at The Pit.
"If we could get some tickets, we would go see both teams," Pina said. "It was hard catching a flight out here so short in advance, but that would be nice if two New Mexico teams win."
Ron Jones, another Lobos season ticket holder, said he was impressed by the Aggies in Albuquerque. Jones also has tickets to both sessions at the Rose Garden.
"We had tickets already, but we are always Aggie fans when we are not cheering for the Lobos," Jones said.

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J.D. said...

There were probably more Lobo fans cheering for the Aggies than Aggie fans...

I was actually in the section and pretty disappointed with our turnout (NMSU's).

Oh well.