Sunday, March 11, 2012

Delk not surprised at Kentucky seeding

New Mexico State assistant coach Tony Delk wasn't surprised his alma mater Kentucky was given the No. 1 overall seed. Kentucky also landed in the South Region.

"I think they deserve the top seed," Delk said on Sunday. "For a team that played as well as they have throughout the course of the season, why wouldn't they get a No. 1 seed. That is so ironic that they ended up there."

Should NMSU spring an upset at Indiana and defeat another mid major in either VCU or Wichita State, NMSU is on Kentucky's side of the bracket.

"It's so open right now with so many mid major teams," he said. "Teams that can play with high majors. You don't have a disadvantage."

Delk said that the Aggies played to their strengths in Vegas. 

"Once we do that, we are a hard team to face," Delk said. "Just with the dedication of the seniors and guys who played in big games. The thing about getting there and progress is you don't want to get there too fast. We took steps to get there. We still have a lot to learn but our guys are in it for the long haul."

Menzies rewarded for title run

Marvin Menzies received the following bonuses this season.

$10,000 winning a WAC tournament title
$10,000 for 17 or more wins in a season
$20,000 for an appearance in the NIT or NCAA

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Anonymous said...

I love it when a crybaby Nevada fan shows up in these blogs. It's a good thing the Nevada players are tougher than their whiny fans. I do have to say that they even beat the UTEP fans for shedding the most tears.