Sunday, February 27, 2011


NMSU still controls its own destiny for the No. 2 seed. They NEED the No. 2 seed to have any chance at a WAC title I believe.

If the Aggies were to split the last two games, you will see it's important they somehow find a way to beat Utah State on Wednesday since a key tiebreaker is how you did against teams, starting from the top of the standings and working your way down.

My thanks to Sam Wasson.

2-seed: Aggies win out
2-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, BSU loses to SJSU, Nevada loses to LA Tech

3-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, BSU loses to SJSU, Nevada defeats to LA Tech, Idaho loses to Fresno State
3-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, Idaho defeats Fresno State, BSU defeats SJSU
3-seed: Aggies lose to USU, defeat Nevada and BSU loses to SJSU (BSU wins tie-breaker due to sweep of Fresno State)
3-seed: Aggies lose to USU, defeat Nevada, BSU defeats SJSU

4-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, Idaho defeats Fresno State (Aggies own head-to-head tiebreaker with Idaho)
4-seed: Aggies defeat USU, lose to Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, BSU loses to SJSU, Idaho defeats Fresno State
4-seed: Aggies lose to USU and Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, Idaho loses to Fresno State

5-seed: Aggies lose to USU and Nevada, Nevada defeats LA Tech, Idaho defeats Fresno State


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't think the Aggies really want the number 2 seed.

Anonymous said...

After reading Menzies comments, I don't think that he freakin gets it that unless he starts coaching, this team will not win. They do not play hard. They do not rebound. They are not disciplined. These are all things that a coach needs to DEMAND.

I think Menzies believes in luck. The fact that they won last year has no bearing. They won becasue of JY and Gibson. They do not have any scoring this year.

I am so frustrated. How do our centers get outplayed, and outscored, and outrebounded as badly as they did. They combined for 0 points and 8 rebounds. Hawaii's players combined for 32 points and 26 rebounds-yes its not a misprint. Our 6'11" guy and our 6'10" guy scored 0 points combined. How in the heck does that happen? How does Menzies not get in their face and challenge them at half time.

Waste of space coach. I just cancelled my trip to Vegas.

Anonymous said...

It is not the lack of scoring per se, but more a lack of guard play. There is only one ball handler on the Aggies this year, Hearnst Laroche. That really makes the inside out game hard and does not allow for the centers to get good looks. Opponents are able to crowd the middle since there is no guard threat. The reason Ham's numbers are down is there is not guard play.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Anon 9:48am. Ham's numbers are down because he is either still hurt or he is just playing badly. The guards are able to find West in his limited minutes quite easily and he produces.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Our "bigs" are not rebounding, not blocking out and are being pushed way under the basket where they can't operate offensively.

I wasn't a fan of young West, but after seeing him the other night, I agree, he should be getting some minutes. He's active and jumps like crazy. Why not give him some playing time until Rahman gets his legs working again?

Anonymous said...

Amis schooled 'em after fouling out on BS calls in Pan Am. Nothing like getting humbled by the opponent's senior to make you go back in the gym to get better.
Joaquim was a force down low for 35 mins in both games.
Now the Aggies have seen how it's done. Whether they can go out and apply the lesson to Tai Wesley and Nate Bendall ought to be fun to see! If so, then take the same game to Dario Hunt and Olek Czyz three nights later. 2 and 2 in your blog poll, JG.
Scrap the zone in a league that is all about 3-pt shooting and watch for the Watson-Newbold battle.

Anonymous said...

I am the one that has been calling for more playing time for BJ for many weeks. He is the only center that doesn't let the opponent back him up until he is under the basket. He can also catch the ball, hold onto it and put it in the basket. He also shows some athleticism, moves to the ball and jumps to get rebounds. (But I repeat myself for the n-th time.) Chili played with a little energy for a few games, but the last few games looks pretty lazy---must have been watching Rahman. Rahman's bad play has nothing to do with the guard play---he just plain out can't catch the ball and hang on to it and can't even hit many layups---just count the wasted posessions. About the only rebounds Rahman gets are the ones that happen to hit him in the chest while he is standing around flat-footed---and he misses a lot of those. I am sure Rahman is a nice guy, but watching him play is hillarious, if it weren't so sat---the fact that menzies continues with his blind faith is pathetic!

Look at all those flubbed turnovers the last few games---I am just a fan but it seems those might make a difference in a close game.

Anonymous said...

I have been wondering for the last few years who really is the coach or if we have a coach by committee---is menzies still learning? If menzies has been "the coach" maybe he should turn it over to someone that has had some head coaching experience. Durham did pretty well when menzies got kicked out of the utep game.

K Aggie '98 said...

Big Al,

I can't believe you think there is not a problem with guard play on this year's Aggie squad.

There are three guards that play on a regular basis.

Laroche - can handle the ball, can drive and shoot, can hit the three, can direct the offense

Castillo - can hit the three, cannot handle the ball and is turnover prone, cannot drive due to lack of ball handling skills, cannot run the offense

Kabongo - cannot hit the three, can drive and handle the ball, but lack of a jump shot makes defending him easy, cannot run the offense

Am I missing something?


Anonymous said...

K Aggie '98-
My point was that the guards do not have a problem getting the ball inside to West. Rahman has many problems and Chili is just inexperienced. Chili will improve, but West should be playing more because he receives the ball well and goes up with it. He also is natural rebounder who could average in double figures.

The problem we have at guard is that we only have one Laroche. Kabongo is a very promising Freshman and Castillo can't be counted upon to do much because he is erratic and can't handle the ball, you have pointed this out very well. So, one would expect that we need some recruits to fill this gap. I heard we may have such a person re-shirting this year(Mullins???). If this is not the case, it might be time to get a JC transfer. The only guard play problem is no depth. Even Hernst needs a rest once in a while.

Big Al