Friday, February 25, 2011

Luck of the Aggies?

Perhaps NMSU's greatest asset this time of year is luck.

I think we would all agree the Aggies have the talent level needed to win the WAC Tournament. Personally I don't expect it, but it wouldn't shock me either, particularly if they get the No. 2 seed.

But lets be honest. The Aggies could easily be in fourth or fifth place. I think the best two teams in the league right now are Utah State and Boise State. Nevada and NMSU are teams that are capable of winning the tournament but they have to play well and the other team has to have an average or below average game.

Lets start with the Fresno State loss on the road on Feb. 3. The Aggies lose to drop to 6-4 but Hawaii knocks off Boise State and San Jose beats Idaho at Idaho that same weekend. Then on Wednesday the Aggies lose at SJSU and the sky is falling because Nevada is home against Idaho right? The Vandals win 67-59.

Needless to say, tonight's Nevada/Boise State game is big. Nevada could sweep the series with the Broncos for the season while the Aggies split with the Broncos. Could be important come WAC tiebreaker time if the Aggies take care of business at home on the last weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Even after JY and JGib are gone, WAC remains a 3-pt shooting contest night in and night out, thus making it a crapshoot. Whoever gets hot wins.

Idaho beat USU when both teams shot 17% and Nevada, making 10 of 15 on 3-ptrs. But then on Sat USU stroked 6 treys while knocking down 26 FTs - Tai Wesley and Brockeith Pane accounting for the vast majority.