Monday, February 14, 2011

Should Gillenwater sit?

I think I know the answer to this but wanted to see what you were thinking?

Even if Troy Gillenwater is healthy or able to play on Saturday, this game means absolutely nothing. Seems like a good opportunity to let Gillenwater rest or rehab or does whatever it is he does for another four days before the Aggies go on the road to San Jose and Hawaii.

That's never been a fun road trip for NMSU. The Aggies have made the trip twice during their time in the WAC, ending at San Jose State both times, but splitting on the trip both times. NMSU is 1-1 against both teams when traveling to each school on the same trip.

I think NMSU has to go at least 3-1 to get the No. 2 seed. We will see if anything changes after the Wolf Pack's game tonight at Hawaii, but they just needed OT to beat San JOse on the same trip.


Anonymous said...

If Gillentwater is iffy at all, why risk him for a game that doesn't mean anything for a team with as many losses as the Aggies have.

Better to have him playing well the rest of the way in conference play.

Chile Duck said...

Well if he is COMPLETELY healthy then yes, of course, the team needs to play with Gillenwater in the line-up. But I don't think he could be, given he is still day-to-day. So I would sit him for the game against the Bears.

Anonymous said...

If his ankle is in good shape, he needs to play 10-12 minutes just to get back in the flow with the team. If the ankle is still sore, then by all means sit it out.

Anonymous said...

yes sit him. so he is healthy for conference play

Anonymous said...

This is a tad unrelated, but I haven't really read anybody discussing the possibility of Gillenwater departing after the season. We are all really looking forward to Big Wens return next year, but if Gillenwater leaves it will be meaningless. We still won't have a scorer, and given the lack of development from the other guys on the team, next year will again be a frustrating season.

Now if Gillenwater returns, and assuming Big Wen will be back 100%, it should be a make or break year for Menzies. I also really wish he would go out and get a stud juco shooter, or teach Sy how to shoot. He will have four seniors in the starting line up, and absolutely no excuses. A bad preconference record would also be unacceptable. Next year NEEDS to be a special, top 25 type of season. If it doesn't happen next year, it will never happen under Menzies. I'm tired of the maybe next year theme that has existed around here lately.

Jason Groves said...

I agree with you Anon. First regarding Troy's pro potential, it seems like it would be up to him whether he wants to be a NBA player or go oversees to make money rather than return to school. Either way, Troy wouldn't say whether or not he was leaning toward putting his name in at this time and I believed him. I think he wants to see how the rest of the season goes.

For what it's worth, I talked to a scout who was not impressed at all and said he had no chance of a draft spot. He said sure Gillenwater can shoot but so can a lot of guys, and that Gillenwater's limited athletic ability or conditioning and effort would cost him in the draft. Just one scout's opinion.

Regarding your other points, I don't think any NMSU coach will ever have a make or break year. Who are they going to get? But having all the pieces in place would certainly magnify any development or lack thereof. But I believe at a school like NMSU, to be in the tournament every other year or two years is a solid job.

Anonymous said...


You don't understand the history!!

NMSU has a tremendous history, in the late 80s and early 90s the Aggies were in the NCAA tournament 90-94 (five straight years) and in the NIT 1989 and 1995. That is 7 straight years of post season play!!!

Not to mention 3rd place in the 1970 final four and several other post season trips in the 70's and 80s!

So no, every other year or two is not good enough. We need to expect the NCAA or NIT every year and set the expectations high like it used to be.

I agree with a previous poster, if the Aggies have all players returning, McKines back, and the new recruiting class. Anything short of NCAA 2nd round victory or sweet 16 will be a big disappointment.

If we don't make the NCAA next year with all this talent, Menzies should be fired!!!

Anonymous said...


You need to revisit NMSU basketball history.

Every couple of years in not good enough!!

NMSU has been to the NCAA tournament 18 times since reaching the final four in 1970 and finishing in 3rd place. (back then they played for 3rd place).

In the early 90s from 90-94 the aggies were in the NCAA tournament 5 straight years, reaching the sweet-16 one year and winning a first round game another year.

With all the talent coming in and returning players along with Gillenwater and McKines anything short of a 1st round win in the NCAA tournament next year will be a major disappointment!

If we don't make the NCAA tournament next year with the previous assumption, Menzies should be fired!!

Anonymous said...

I do agree with your comment about reaching the tournament every other year as an accomplishment. I guess my point was that if we don't make it next year, there will probably be a tournament drought, given what we will have returning the year after next.

Anonymous said...

Troy has a chance to make noise in the NCAA tournament next year if he stays. That could get him drafted.

I doubt he leaves early. Jahmar only left because he was "forced" to do so.

Anonymous said...

Despite the scout's opinion, bottom line: against WAC competition Troy's a stud. So they'll treat him as such. He was just back to top form when he made that move on La Tech. At this point in the season you can't atrophy all those muscle groups and enter March out of shape. So you run him a little followed by rest and therapy. You get him out there versus Bears, Spartans, Bows but not for big minutes because none of those games mean a thing. Vandals showed how to beat UTaggies who missed 23 of 28 trey's, blowing their 20 offensive rebound performance. Vandals made 10 more FTs as UT State literally tried to claw their way back into that one.

Anonymous said...

Funny to think of the chorus of Menzies boo-birds posting if NMSU Aggies shot 28 3's in a losing effort. And in the case of the Idaho loss Stew Morril was actually dailing those up via the flip cards! Just goes to show Stew's no more capable of putting the ball through the hoop for his players than Marvin is. Once it's tipped up, the game's in the players' hands and Marvin gives NMSU every chance to win the Mar. 2nd tilt. ... not that you want to show Stew any new wrinkles you're saving for the Las Vegas neutral court the following week!
Thanks for the info, JG!

Anonymous said...

Not only should they NOT play TG due to the ankle, but sitting him out also gives other guys minutes and added confidence if they win without Troy. It will only help our role players (BJ West, Bandja, etc.)come tourney time.

-DB Cooper

jimmy said...

Is DB Cooper what is says on your luggage because I found a leather satchel full of money monogrammed with that by an old parachute back in the woods!

...btw - it has been GREAT watching how fast the young guys developed once they saw significant minutes - I agree w/DB Coop 100%. I always disagreed that JY should be hogging all that PT even though quite often he won a game. Rest Troy and if NMSU makes it to the final of WAC tourney they should have the fresher legs.

Anonymous said...

If we've been there 18 times in the last 40, then every other year is exactly how often we should expect to go.

Basketball has changed in many ways. Whatever Sam Lacey and Super John and Charlie Criss did has no bearing on what we as fans can reasonably expect nor should it entitle us to tournament participation every single year.

Jason Groves said...

Thanks Anon 8:12. I wasn't around in the NMSU glory days obviously. I'm not about to sit here and take anything away from those teams. But I think getting to the tournament in today's WAC is more difficult on a year to year basis than those great Aggies teams. Now in a couple years when the WAC is a shadow of its former self and what it even is now, I think there is legit expectations for the tournament on a yearly basis if they continue to bring in the same level of player.

Anonymous said...

A comparison of the seasons in which the Aggies were selected to the NCAA by the committee versus when they won a conf. tourney automatic bid would be instructive.

Obviously at least since 99 it's been the automatic bid route and the Aggies RPI shows them as only marginally deserving - even in the Reggie years.

You're right in saying that winning the WAC is harder than winning the Big West except for some Tarkanian national championship years. Don't know if NMSU ever beat the nation's #1 ranked school other than UNLV on the night of Jan. 8, 1990 ? That would be a good history lesson for the blogo sphere.