Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gillenwater update

I saw Troy Gillenwater prior to the Aggies' practice on Wednesday after having the last three days off. He said he was going to try to practice on Wednesday and seemed focused on trying to get on the court on Saturday.

Here are some Marvin Menzies comments on the subject.

"He's going to try to go but we will see. This will be the first day trying to run so that will be a challenge.

Anything 80 percent or above I would feel comfortable playing him. Anything below that, the rest will probably serve him better. A lot depends on how he feels. If he is going to play, he will probably start because I would rather have him warm up and get right into rather than have to sit.

"You don't want him to go right back into the fire against San Jose on the road in ESPN2 game if he is healthy to play this weekend. If there are any cobwebs you want to get them out of the way this weekend."


Anonymous said...

Game time decision. Have Troy go 10 to 15 real mins (not game clock mins) with 1-2 minute sub outs. See what the ankle does at halftime. All you need him doing is playing decoy to see if it opens up the back door for the weak side scoring. Maybe he could double-double dishing dimes and swishing jumper? So JG - that's what the scout told you after you told him TG could roll out of bed and hit a "J." That was still the line of the year but there's much more to come. Playing on the ankle with all the rehab he gets usually does not set the healing back. But this one sounds moderately severe if he's just running practice today and incurred injury on Feb 7th.

Keegan said...

Glad to hear this. Thanks for the update!