Thursday, February 10, 2011

Injury report

Marvin Menzies on Troy Gillenwater:
Troy's ankle is still bothering him. We are going day to day just waiting to see Saturday how he feels. He's going to travel. We will probably go all the way up to Saturday to actually know if he's going to play or not. ... No crutches, no cane. No boot. It was a sprain.

If he does not play,
"It just depends who we are playing. You have different guys. We can go to CK and go small and put Tyrone at the four or you can play Renaldo now and keep the guard rotation the same."

My opinion, Kabongo would start with Tyrone at the four and Bandja Sy at the three.

Marvin Menzies on Hamidu Rahman:
He should be good to go. He is going to practice (Thursday).

Gordo Castillo, also fighting  through injury on his left ankle, tweaked an ankle against La. Tech and again in practice but will play.

"Guys have to step up like we had when Troy was out before. We have to be ready to play. La. Tech beat Boise State and Idaho at home and Idaho beat Utah State so they beat some good teams. They are going to be at us too for what we did to them on our home court."


Anonymous said...

I think it's good for the younger guys to get some extended playing time today. For me personally, this is a separation game..meaning a game the Aggies can use to separate from the rest of the pack for second place. A loss today would mean going back down to .500 overall and giving other WAC teams a chance to pass or stay with NM State in relation to conference record. I see this as a must win all the way around.


Anonymous said...

Wow! 19 of 26 halftime points were bench scoring. Freaking clowns posting on this blog that Menzies is not a coach are silenced. Given the latitude not afforded him until this season with all the injuries, the guy might be on a career trajectory like Lou's and go to the Big 10 or Pac 10 somewhere? Some Aggie fans don't know how lucky they are. There's room for like 5,000 more to jump on the bandwagon most nights at the Pan Am. Good job Hernst, to knock down those tosses and get out of there with a 'W' w/o Troy and Wen! You could point to a helluva lot of plays the second half that were the difference, not the least of which was Gordo stopping the fast break. Huge victory. See y'alls the 19th.... I'm out.

Anonymous said...

Good call, RT ...
Deshard Anderson made a few of those in Pan Am on Monday, but it was not to be today!

Anonymous said...

Good win without Troy. This should give our guys some confidence which will keep them from solely relying on TG. I think BJ West should play more (in front of Dixon) because he can block shots and he's a decent finisher around the rim. He might even knock down a 15 footer from time to time.

-DB Cooper