Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thoughts on UTEP

NMSU coaches approached the first meeting the Miners with the idea that the Aggies are familiar with the key players UTEP has. Through the first three games, Tim Floyd has kept the dribble drive motion offense the Miners played under Barbee. In the half court, Floyd has added NBA sets designed to isolate Randy Culpepper, Jeremy Williams and Julyan Stone.

Williams still doesn't have a jumper but he is explosive and looks to drive and get to the foul line. Tyrone Watson or Troy Gillenwater will likely guard him if the Aggies are in man.

Julyan Stone has a significant height advantage over Hernst Laroche. The Miners have posted Stone up in the past. If it happens again, it's the center's responsibility to help.

Culpepper and freshman Christian Kabongo could be a good matchup if Kabongo can find his way through screens. 

John Bohannon and Claude Britton are in the post for the Miners, who essentially start four guards  in Culpepper, Stone, Christian Polk and Williams as an undersized four. Unless the Miners center grabs a rebound, any of the other four will grab the rebound and start the break so it's important for NMSU to get back. Stone is averaging eight boards a game.


jimmy said...

JG -

Jimmy hopes that the 19 people who predicted the Aggies to go Oh-and-three for the AZ-EC road swing in your poll are REAL proud of themselves. Probably that BSU guy voting from 19 different computers at the library when he could be graduating and getting a job!

Jimmy would have been happy with stealing just one game. Fans have short memories though, so just beat UTEP tonight and all will be forgiven. Until next Tuesday, that is, and then just beat UTEP again! All you have to do is: Give up on making a project out of Troy G and let him take over the team like JY was allowed for two years.

Anonymous said...

73-56...wow...mind you UTEP lost to Pacific at home 66-61...and USC that beat the Aggies 80-61 lost to Rider 77-57...cold hard facts...the Aggies are in bad shape right now.

Attendance is way down since Menzies took over, they aren't finishing above .500 in non-conference games almost every season, Menzies makes some sarcastic comments insinuating that he's almsot proud of his non-conference performance each season and the Aggies have a freaking lousy record against their two biggest rivals UTEP and UNM. Does Dr. Boston pay attention to any of this? Why does Menzies still have a job? He's one of the lamest coaches ever at NM State.