Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scouting Arizona

Here is a box score and game report from Arizona's win over Idaho State. Notice the 22 assists on 31 made field goals.

The Aggies have gained attention from Arizona coach Sean Miller. I talked with Miller on Tuesday and he said they have a great deal of respect for the Aggies size and talent, particularily Troy Gillenwater. Here is another Daily Star entry on Aggies coach Marvin Menzies. 

The Wildcats return nearly everyone from a year ago minus Nick Wise.

Arizona sophomore Derrick Williams could be the best post player the Aggies play against all season. The Pac 10 freshman of the year was described to me as a Wendell McKines player in terms of energy and passion, but three inches taller than McKines.

Williams plays the five and the four. 6-7 senior Jamelle Horne plays the 4 and 6-6 sophomore Solomon Hill plays the 3. 6-6 sophomore Kevin Parrom shares time with Horne at the 3, similar to a Tyrone Watson and Bandja Sy situation at NMSU, maybe depending on the hot hand on a given night. Horne and Gillenwater could be a good matchup to watch if both teams play man-to-man. Horne was second in the Pac 10 in 3-point shooting last year. Miller's team's strength is in its half court man to man defense. It should be an up-tempo game because both teams are athletic and like to get out and run, but the Aggies are likely to face pressure in the half court if the game slows down.

Kyle Fogg and Lamont Jones start in the backcourt and Brenden Lavender is a shooter off the bench.

It will be interesting to see how NMSU decides to guard Arizona. They match up with the Wildcats athletically to guard them man to man but Arizona doesn't seem like they have the shooters they've had in the past.

With McKines in the lineup, I think the Aggies have a chance to steal this one. I think it will be a competitive game that the Aggies lose. But like a post on a previous blog entry said, I'm curious to see what lineup the Aggies have late in a close game. That's kind of what I'm looking for on Thursday. NMSU won't get rattled in a close game, but there will be players on the court who aren't used to those situations.


Anonymous said...

Last year, the Aggies went to El Paso mines there two starting forwards and won. They did it with heart, poise, and discipline.

They can win in Az the same way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight, I'm traveling later this afternoon to Tucson. Can't wait for the game, but I have another question and was wondering if anyone could help. I was looking ahead at the schedule, looking for a game to take some relatives when they come for Xmas and saw Louisiana on 12/21. Who is Louisiana? I did a google search and got all the typical responses. LSU, Lafayette, Monroe, Tech even a Louisiana College. Went to their website and no mention of NMSU on the schedule. So, that said we probably won't go to that game, but does anyone have any info on that team?

Anonymous said...

the 12/21 game is against Louisiana Lafayette... If i were you, i would take them to 12/23 game against Saint Mary's

Anonymous said...

Sean Miller did great at Dayton and NC State. Won't take NMSU too lightly.

Right anon 2:40. La-Lafayette dropped the Lafayette and are now just Louisiana. Same tean the Aggies played down there in Lafayette on Friday to go 1-and-0.

Take 'em to the game, they're still the Ragin' Cajuns from the Sun Belt Conference days....

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time going to the Louisiana-Lafayette game over XMAS. Although we could always use plenty of fan support at the game. Aggies played them Thursday? in LA and the Aggies beat them soundly. The game I think that will need plenty of crowd support in order to win will be St. Mary game. That team beat Gonzaga the other night. Although Gonzaga could be overrated as usual.


Anonymous said...

Keg. St Mary doesn't play Gonzaga until January because they're in the same conference. San Diego State beat the Zags the other night.

St. Mary's is good though.

Anonymous said...

Regarding San Diego State win and Fischer. NCAA took away the Michigan Fab 4 natl. championship from 1991-92 timeframe so I still want my $5 refunded from the pool. No question Steve Fischer still has that fire in his belly.

If I recall correctly Lou's book mentions some recruiting lines that Fischer crossed in the Big Ten to steal Illinois players? Be nice to see the Aggies get a shot at payback for last year in the BracketBuster. Yeah, I'm calling you out Aztecs!