Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thoughts on UMass?

Here are the UMass stats after two games.    Looks like Gillenwater will have another big time scorer to compete with in Wake Forest transfer Anthony Gurley who has scored 24.5 per game.

The big thing for me is to just see how they respond after Thursday night. People have talked about the Aggies quitting, which it appeared at the time. But they were playing from behind the whole night and had to have things go right to stay within 10 with a chance to make it interesting down the stretch. Perhaps they can keep it closer or play with a lead tonight or tomorrow vs. USC and put themselves in a better position in the late stages.

You would have to think that Hamidu Rahman will be better tonight as well after going 1 for 7 on Thursday.

In a previous post, I had the Aggies 3-2 after their first five games and they have a chance to achieve that with a split this weekend. I think the Aggies need to find a way to win one of them or we could be looking at another slow start.

It's a bit concerning that the Aggies are getting blown out in back to back games.


Anonymous said...

The only question is how many points were they going to lose by.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate loss to UMass but very predictable. Menzies coached teams always choke when they have the chance to get a quality win. It's becoming a pattern. Menzies is a great recruiter, but he's not a head coach...the better off NM State will be when they realize that. I think they should bring in another coach and allow Menzies to stay as a recruiter..if he doesn't like it, there's the door.

Anonymous said...

Someone call Eastern and Western back so Ernst can believe we are Top 25 material again!

Seriously though, this was a pathetic road trip for the Aggies. I think that almost everyone fell for the idea that we had a solid team with a good bench.I think that what we have here is not a team but a set of individuals. They play like it and the results are showing. I think that they have the capability to play much better than what they have shown so far but for some reason just dont. Losing Gibson and JY was tough, ok get over it. Crimson Illustrated posted on the ESPN website that this team was not clicking yet. Are you kidding me, how many teams in the country get to go to Canada and play games before the season starts. If they are not clicking by now then when will they click? Four huge games coming up for the Aggies and hopefully they get their act together or the Pan Am will be empty once again this season