Thursday, November 18, 2010

83-57 loss at Arizona

Someone on the previous post said that they just stopped playing in the last five minutes. I think it was the last nine minutes.
 Marvin Menzies didn't seemed concerned about the lack of production from his key guys. Neither am I. But the Aggies had nothing from their bench outside of Sy's 10. Laroche played 32 minutes, mostly in foul trouble and Gillenwater played 37 minutes. Hopefully Rahman will be more productive on the road this weekend.

That's all I have for now. Check back Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

The fellow touting the Canadian school system is right, the Aggies ARE a Top 25 team. Top 25 in Canada --- or maybe he was using the Canuck metric system here Top 25 in the frozen arctic equals Top 70 in the States.

The Aggies have a loooonnng way to go before any of them mention Top 25 anything again, that is unless it’s being in the Top 25 of disappointments.

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually too critical of the coach. Okay, so they quit. Why run a full court press with a seven or eight man rotation when you have two games this weekend.
Quitting was the smart thing to do if you're going to have a chance of winning even one game after traveling to the East Coast today. Hernst time on the bench was good from that standpoint although his feet were set on that second foul.

Dunks. UNM has had that same open back door in the Aggies zone for the past two years! It is below the block on the left hand side fo the lane. Babbit beat the Aggies from there in Pan Am his freshman year. Once Williams found that spot last nite he exploited it. Amazing thing was that he didn't know about it sooner. Aggie zone is swiss cheese and was impressed with the effectiveness of the man-up D AZ slapped on the Ags. Like to see Menzies get into man after the zone pressure breaks down. Rahman ought to be able to slam the door but has not for the past two seasons so maybe go to more of a box and one?

Anonymous said...

What's worse that the Aggies are looking at collecting four losses to its two rivals, UNM and UTEP. Unless the Aggies start defending, then those losses are sure to come.

Anonymous said...

I think the main reason why the Aggies lost was that they just dont have the talent that Arizona does. Gillenwater proved to be the only Aggie who could play against a team like Arizona and everyone else looked like they were scared as hell. I dont think that this was such a bad loss because sometimes a team that relies heavily on teamwork will just not match the raw talent of individuals on the other teams. Sometimes the teamwork will lead to the neutralizing of raw talent but last night it just didnt happen.

Two things that worried me was how horrible the Aggie defense was. This has been going on for years and its something that stands out because I was standing next to the team during one of the time outs vs Western and Menzies was telling them to stop showboating because he didnt care about offense and was more worried about playing good defense. Defense just hastn been the Aggies strong card under Menzies. The second thing was the poor play of Hamidu. He looked like a bumbling freshman out there and he has to step up and be a leader. Chili cant look tougher than a junior but Hamidu is making Chili look like an experienced center at times.


Anonymous said...

We could be looking at the same record to begin the season as last. No reason for it.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't happy with the Aggies losing by 26 but I think people are being negative way too early. Arizona is still Arizona, way better than the Miners or Lobos. I still think the Aggies will have a strong season...not top 25, but strong.