Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's always something

When was the last time you saw a team outrebound a team by 20 plus and lose? Has the other team shot 10 of 19 from 3-point land in a half? Probably not but that's what UTEP did on Tuesday in a 73-56 win over the Aggies.

That being said, UTEP isn't a very good team right now. Perhaps the Aggies can get the split next week.

Some things that stood out to me:

Gordo's shot is back. He was 2-of-4 from long range. Kabongo did a good job on Randy Culpepper. Kabongo had 7 points, 6 rebounds and picked Culpepper's pocket on an attempted blow by.

Julyan Stone, the Miners' point guard, guarded Troy Gillenwater. Stone got help in the post. Interesting matchup to watch if it happens again. Stone wasn't effective on offense shooting 1 of 6 with 7 boards and five assists.

Gillenwater was solid and he played 38 minutes. 18 points, 14 rebounds on 6 of 15 shooting.


Anonymous said...

I wouldnt exactly call the performance that Gordo had tonight an indication that his shot is back. With that said, what a waste of money. It was embarrassing to watch the team at times and even more to see how few Aggies showed up. 4 things stood out to me. Number one we have absolutely no creativity on offsense. None. Our problem there is that we are playing like a team that has speed and athleticism when we are team that should pound the ball in and use the size advantage. Gib and Young are gone and we need to stop playing like we replaced them. Number two, we have no defense. How the hell do you let a team score 30/40 points from 3's? It was ridiculous to watch how slow the Aggies were and how easily the Miners got open. Number three, Hamidu needs to grow up. He has been invisible all season long and none of the 3 centers that the Miners played tonight came close to his skill level but yet he was just pathetic. That argument that he had with Menzies was stupid and it not the first time it happens. Number four, Menzies cost us a big momentum swing. Down 10, Watson stole the ball twice and bam we're down six. Technical on Menzies. After that the team was never the same and the Miners were handed the game. I also love how he had the nerve to tell Durham and his staff several times to shut up and sit down when they were trying to call him down. He cant do that on a big game and he needs to understand that. I want to use the excuse that the Aggies were tired from the road trip but thats just sports. They need to win and win soon.


Anonymous said...

Until Menzies and his team prove otherwise, they are pretty lousy.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA CRYBABYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LOBOS!!!!!!!!!! Remember THUGGIES........ EVERYONES A LOBO WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another UGLY loss and this is the first step for both our rivals sweeping us....again!

However, I'm not surprised. It's a recurring story for Menzies teams since he got here.

I and thousands of fans will continue to sit the season out until March.
That's usually the time frame when the team teases us with a three game winning streak.

Deja Vu

Anonymous said...

I don't know how effective the job was on Culpepper since he got 14 points with about 8 assists.

I suppose the Aggies could be tired, and playing UTEP at home after 3 games the previous 5 night might have something to do with not being able to go out and guard the 3-ball. I expect the Aggies to be fully rested on Tuesday night.

I really like the disparity in rebounds. There should be a better translation of offensive rebounds to more points and more fouls being called on the other team.

If the Aggies can guard the outside shot just a little, they should win the next game against the Miners.


Anonymous said...

Who let the 4:33 anonymous Howlin' Wolf in to Sun News blogspace?
JG, you have to get your crack staff of junk mail screeners to block spam from Albuquerque. I just circled December 4th on my schedule.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, JG!
This ain't Twitter so this ain't no tweet! Word to the Miners-Lobos fans.
It's a problem for the Aggies that Kobongo kept RC to 15 pts and Gordo is dialed-in because CK substituted for GC. Between the two of them they had a combined 15 pts too so I'd say they neutralized RC - high marks for that! One of those two guys have to have double figures with Laroche. 3pt-ers weren't insurmountable considering the Miners only got six of their 33 second-half points via the trey. Problem was UTEP got 17 pts from the stripe while only making 5 shots from the interior of the Aggies' zone the entire half while getting hammered on the boards. Point being, the game was still well within reach until Aggies got homered starting with the "T" after clear RC foul. The only reason Menzies got T'd on that is because he was absolutely right! The ref knew it but was thin-skinned and should have swallowed the whistle. A more experienced ref lets that roll off his back in one of these rivalry games, not to mention one of the other refs probably gives NMSU a make-up call. Oh well.

The Miners only got 19 shots the 2nd half because the refs just put them on the line repeatedly. One-quarter of their FT attempts were the T and intentional fouls and they got the ball to boot! How do you overcome eight-on-five? Three Miners had decent nights offensively and that's counting Culpepper who was contained below his 20pt C-USA leading avg. Can UTEP bring the same game into Pan Am and count on the same outcome? ...doubtful. I think refs will see a few more hacks and Troy will convert a few more attempts. Can't explain CK and HL missing FTs but it happens and some nights is contageous just like bombing lucky 3's (Williams). Polk is legit - so put size on him on D and exploit him on Offense. Troy on J Stone was an great call. If it's all about match-ups lets see some man-D and/or go to a box-and-one like T Floyd did. War UTEP, war Lobos. I'm out. Oh yeah, and Lobo fan writing in - same thing. Because Tim Floyd and Alford want to match up old school man-to-man cage match then Menzies ought to allow it for the rivalry games.

How about Kobongo on Polk; Tyrone W hassling Randy; Troy/Sy on Julian Stone with 4 and 5 positions cycling through all of the 6' 11" guys? Lobos got next.

Anonymous said...

The posting from the Loblow reminded me of what the Loblows and Miner fans have in common. They are ignorant and loud. An example of the ignorance in Minerland was the PA announcer urging the crowd to vote for their mascot to bring another national championship to El Paso and at halftime the miners honored a student that makes a difference in the community. His contribution was he made the video of the mascot to get into this mascot championship. While obnoxious and dumb, the one thing I give credit to UTEP and UNM is their fans are loud and when they show up, they support the team. That can't be said for Aggie fans who are at best apathetic. They sit on their hands if they show up at Pan Am rather than show any kind of emotion. Dela Vu, your post is a good example, wait until they start winning and then become a fan. That's ridiculous. I hope the Pan Am is filled next Tuesday with Aggie fans and we blast the Miners out of town.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA ANON 12:26!!!! Circle the 11th too because its gonna be a cake ride both times!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF

Anonymous said...

Yeah! More bulletin board material, Anon 4:33

Cry babies? You'll need another sixty-million dollar rennovtion after we pull the Pit down. Keep huffin and puffin.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Anonymous 3:26pm, are you the fan of the team that got beat down by 25 points by the Cal Bears on your only road trip so far this season? I would be watching your words although I guess your next game against Northwood(!) should be a cakewalk in the Pit, you sure that is not an exhibition game? Good luck coming down here, fans or no fans, it won't be an exhibition game.

Anonymous said...

This blog is getting to look like the Miner blog. The refs did this, the refs did that.

If you can't overcome a little home cooking, then you don't deserve to win. The refs didn't decide the outcome of the game. The refs didn't give us a lousy 3pt percentage. The refs didn't miss half the Aggie free throws. the refs didn't didn't let all those offensive rebounds go to waste. The refs didn't turn the ball over.

Aggie need to play tough, continue to rebound, and get out and play defense on the 3 point shot.

Anonymous said...

O ya 12:26 stop whining that they posted my comment, its college hoops and a great rivalry!! If you cant handle the talk you leave the blog!! I actually thought you guys would be better but....... not so much anymore!! Cant wait til we handle you guys just like everyone else!! GOTTA LOVE AGGIE FANS QUITTING ON THEIR TEAM! We got blasted by 25 as well but no way that stops me from going to the games!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA ANON 12:26!!!! Circle the 11th too because its gonna be a cake ride both times!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF
November 24, 2010 3:26 PM


And this from a guy whose football team is even worse than than the Aggie football team.

What a joke, woof woof.

Anonymous said...

the sun news and its two writers are a joke.
write what actually did happen instead of what you think happened.
troy gillenwater is a tease. he is lazy, fat, talented, but a train wreck. he could dominate every possession and every game, but he is such a baby and is lazy that he doeesn't earn his scholarship. the other side of it menzies doesn't make this kid get tough and get in the lane and go to work. he also doesn't run an offense that would use the size to our advantage. hey mm....how about a basic high-low offense and pound the ball in the lane? realize you don't have the guard play and you need to pound the ball inside. oh and stop using that; "if we only had wendell" excuse, cuz even if he is healthy by january, he probably won't be eligible to play. anyone seen him class lately?
well, whats up boston....you still smarter than all of us around here? not!

justin said...

Seriously Groves, there are plenty of outlets for mindless smack on the interwebs. Can't this one be about basketball?

Anonymous said...

OOOOO i struck a nerve!! Well maybe a few of you guys or gals are some of 4000 fans you guys pack the house with when you guys play lol!!!! And yes our football team is horrible but hey you aint much better. So not much to brag about their!!! We will tear you up both times guaranteed and you will not have a chance against UTEP either on Tuesday!! Cant wait to see the attendence keep falling at that crap program you guys have!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo, Low-blow Boy -

not much to brag about THEIR?

Seeing as you have trouble with the homonyms you'd be welcome here as an honorary AGGIE !!!! Of course you'll learn a fight song instead of the Neanderthal guttural sounds...

Also, hold a bake sale so you can bring the Lobo cheerleaders down this year ... they know what's up when they're away from University Near Mom. (Woof, woof, woof)