Thursday, October 28, 2010

Junior Lomomba

6-foot-4 Canadian born Junior Lomomba is on campus this weekend for an unofficial visit as a high school junior. According to, Lomomba has an offer from NMSU. Lomomba was born in Montreal but has been in Wisconsin since the eighth grade or so. He plays his high school ball at Madison Memorial  and AAU ball with Detroit Family. He said he was at West Virginia two weeks ago  and took unofficials to Iowa Xavier and Cincy last year.

On Montreal native Hernst Laroche
"He was with the older guys and I was just a young guy so I used to watch them play."

What do you think about Canadian born players coming the US and having success at this level?
"It's a good thing. Me coming from Canada, it's always good to see other Canadian fellows coming here and doing good. Hernst for example. He came here and since his freshman year, he has been the starting point guard. It's always good thing. They made it to the tournament so it's good for his resume."

What led to coming to check out NMSU in person?
"They have been recruiting me for awhile since the eighth grade. They showed me a lot of love so it's the least I can do is come here and actually take a look at the place. Even though it doesn't have the big name, it's a good college. They made it to the tournament and like coach said, they emphasize helping their players get to the next level and that's a good thing."

Why did you come from Canada to Wisconsin?
"It was a basketball decision. Simply because I have more of a chance in recruiting here than Canada. It's always hard to go to high school in Canada and then have to make the adjustment."

Does a school going to the tournament factor in when it comes time to make a decision?
"Not really. I'm looking for a school where I will be able to come in and play right away and I know I will get better individually and hopefully help my team make it to the tournament and win the conference."


Anonymous said...

Jason, do you believe that Lomomba is seriously considering NMSU? The "it's the least I can do" comment makes it seem like it was a courtesy visit and nothing more...I hope he's really considering NMSU. Seems like a good get

Jason Groves said...

I remember a couple years ago when Jorge Gutierrez was on campus for a visit. He ultimately went to Cal. When I talked to Lomomba, I felt like NMSU had a better chance to land him than Gutierrez, but he's only a junior and he obviously has a long list of interested schools. He wasn't arrogant when he said it was the least he could do. I took it like he has a good relationship with the Aggies coaches and that's always a good start with recruiting. He said he wanted to go somewhere where he would play right away and I certainly think he could accomplish that at NMSU.

Aggie007 said...

NMSU needs to get a guy into THE LEAGUE first, ala Paul George of Fresno State (and Greg Smith this coming season) and Javale McGhee and Luke Babbitt of Nevada. The kids with big dreams want a program that has a least one former player in the NBA; not Europe, not NBADL, not Brazil (holla Eli & Fred); the NBA.
Fresno State gets these types of players as does Nevada. We need one high profile guy to get to the League before we can get to the top of the best players' lists. Which is why getting Herb Pope was such a good get. Yes, he was trouble and got everybody biting their finger nails hoping he wouldn't do something stupid. And Jahmar Young; if he hadn't been such a bonehead and come back for his senior year, he might've been a 2nd Rnd pick.
NMSU needs a track record of helping these guys get to where they want to go and right now, we don't.
And don't think for a second that Wendell McKines is an NBA prospect; if Justin Hawkins, Elijah Ingram, Hatila Passos, Fred Peete didn't make it, then he won't.
The only player on the NMSU who has a chance ... is Gillenwater if he straightens out and gets his act together; and that's a big IF; but if there was a right time to show it consistently, this is the year for him to do it.

jimmy said...

Right Aggie007.
You are right on.
That's what Herb Pope was when Reggie brought him in. Good caution for Troy - - just because Herb had the size and athleticism didn't mean he couldn't screw up the opportunity that the lesser athletes don't get. Fred Peete I would say had the best legitimate chance of the others you listed.