Thursday, October 14, 2010

No. 1 — San Jose State senior guard Adrian Oliver

Normally I like versatile players who do a lot of things well. But Oliver's 22.5 ppg last year looked so effortless that he can only improve on that this year. Oliver led the WAC and tied for fourth in the country in scoring last year. Oliver shot 44 percent from the floor and 41 percent from 3-point range last year. His 39 points last year against La. Tech was the best WAC performance last year and his 35 against Nevada was second.
I realized while doing this that Oliver is the only guard on this list. There are other guards I like in the WAC, but Oliver is certainly the most gifted offensively. But the WAC is more frontcourt dominated this year it seems, at least in terms of experience and talent returning.

No. 2 — New Mexico State junior forward Troy Gillenwater
No. 3 — Utah State senior forward Tai Wesley
No. 4 — Fresno State sophomore center Greg Smith
No. 5 — New Mexico State senior forward Wendell McKines
No. 6 — New Mexico State junior center Hamidu Rahman
No. 7 — Utah State senior center Nate Bendall
No. 8 — Louisiana Tech junior forward Olu Ashaolu
No. 9 — Boise State senior forward Daequon Montreal
No. 10 — Nevada's trio of Olek Czyz, Dario Hunt and Malik Story

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jimmy said...

No disagreement on AO as #1 pick. Solid PAC 10-caliber talent, say what you might about PAC-10. Dude has surprizing size, too. Not sure the Aggies have anybody to guard him at this point. Give him his thirty points and shut the rest of the Spartans down because Oliver is unselfish. See that Troy is running away with the fans poll. So he is definitely the right call for #2 in the WAC if you have to cede #1 to Oliver. Good calls on both, JG ...