Tuesday, October 19, 2010

McKines sidelined 10-12 weeks

Was informed that McKines will be sidelined from 10-12 weeks and will need surgery on his broken left foot. Hope to have more in the coming days.

Menzies said during the WAC teleconference that the Aggies were hoping to learn more sometime today as he was scheduled to have the broken foot further evaluated. From Wendell's Twitter feed earlier today, "Not a good day. ... That's all I gotta say."


Anonymous said...


What would be the best option at this point in time? We dont know a whole lot about the injury but three months out would bring back Wen around the end of January. Can he obtain a medical redshirt and sit out the year or does he have to come back when he is healed? If he can obtain a medical redshirt, do you think he should get it and come back next year when is fully healed with a team that will have even more experience and depth than this one or do you think he should just come back this year?


Anonymous said...

This hurts bad. There's always something.

Tyrone Watson has the ability to be a solid contributer at that 3 spot. He's a good team player with a lot of potential. But McKines is not replacable. I guess he'll be ready for WAC play.

Anonymous said...

Noooo!! Wendell's the best thing about this Aggie team! Ugh get well soon brother, we definitely need you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendell won't need a medical red shirt. He never burned the one he had to begin with. Right?

Anonymous said...

typical of being an Aggie fan always NEXT YEAR! Get well soon Wen I hope he just redshirts this season its not good your senior year only playing a few games and he deserves a whole season his final year here.