Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No. 3 — Utah State senior forward Tai Wesley

Wesley is one of two returning players who made the All-WAC first team last year. Wesley does it all at 6-7. He led the Aggies in scoring (13.7) rebounding (6.6) and blocked shots (1.31) and was second in assists and steals. He shot 57 percent from the field. I don't see him nearly enough to say for sure, but the reason for the high field goal percentage makes sense because I don't think the Utah State system ever has him more than 8 feet away from the basket. And he has developed a number of post moves over the years. He may be the most unpopular player on the road, but with nights where he was 9 of 10 against NMSU last year, I can see why he drives opposing fans nuts.

No. 10 — Nevada's frontcourt trio of forwards Olek Czyz, Dario Hunt and Malik Story
No. 9 — Boise State senior forward Daequon Montreal
No. 8 — Louisiana Tech junior forward Olu Ashaolu
No. 7 — Utah State senior center Nate Bendall
No. 6 — New Mexico State junior center Hamidu Rahman
No. 5 — New Mexico State senior forward Wendell McKines
No. 4 — Fresno State sophomore center Greg Smith

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Anonymous said...

Dang I forgot about Tai Wesley! I guess I was wishfully thinking he had graduated.

I hate Tai Wesley but he's a great player. TG got the best of him last year but overall, Tai is a stud and has been a big reason for Utah State's success.

So is it Gillenwater or Oliver in the top spot?