Saturday, March 6, 2010

WAC brackets

Well it's San Jose State and then likely another matchup with Nevada in the semis. It's hard to beat a team three times, but the Aggies have given up 54, 59 and 47 points in the second half of their last three games.

Anyway, here are the matchups with times in pacific

Men (Thursday)
No. 1 Utah State vs. No. 8 Boise State Noon on ESPNU
No. 4 Louisiana Tech vs. No. 5 Fresno State at 2:30 p.m. on ESPNU
No. 2 Nevada vs. No. 7 Idaho at 6 p.m.
No. 3 NMSU vs. No. 6 San Jose State at 8:30 p.m.

Women (Wednesday)
No. 1 Fresno State vs. No. 8 Hawaii, Noon
No. 4 Idaho vs. No. 5 New Mexico State, 2:30 p.m.
No. 3 Nevada vs. No. 6 Boise State, 6 p.m.
No. 2 Louisiana Tech vs. Utah State 8:30 p.m.


Anonymous said...

No interior defense, little long range defense...not much in the way of offensive game plan either. No surprises though after the game against Utah State.

If the Aggies win their first round game in the WAC tournament, they have very little chance of winning the second. And if, a big if, they did accidentally beat Nevada, then they will be completely gassed going into the WAC championship finals.

Can't say I'm particularly sad about missing the WAC tourney games this year.

Please, no CBI for this team. Save the $50,000 and put it into the woman's volleyball team or men's baseball or woman's softball.

Anonymous said...

Here are some comments I found from Utah State fans on some blogs about our team. Unfortunately I cant say that I disagree:

10:17 lorenzoinlogan: Those guys totally choked in the second half. I freaking hate New Mexico State. I love watching them completely fall apart. They are a bunch of undisciplined punks with no mental toughness.
10:17 lorenzoinlogan: Very physically athletic, very weak in the mind and in character. That's New Mexico State basketball.

I also listened to the Utah state radio broadcast and their announcers commenting about how poor our zone was, and how slow our defenders were to close on their 3 point shooters.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I didnt book WAC tournament tickets.

It would have been a complete waste of money given our inconsistency. I would not be surprised if we lost in the first round, then were passed up by the NIT.

Coach Alford and the Lobos are a perfect example of what a team can accomplish when they have discipline and play defense.
We can argue that the Aggies have as much talent as the Lobos.

As for coaching, not even close.

I'm sure Menzies will keep his job. I sure hope he demands that his players stay eligible. I can't stomach another offseason and first semester of uncertainty and a 3-6 start.

This team is hard for even an avid Aggie fan to stand behind.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I think the volleyball, baseball and softball teams are more deserving of the cash. Aggie basketball has become a joke.

It's so frustrating watching a talented team run around like a bantam weight team with no real structure.

Anonymous said...

How about writing a article how classless Utah State fans are? You should see the horrible comments they are taking at our players and team. Its total classless.

Anonymous said...

I also believe Stew Morrill cussed at JY. I think you should look in to this because I'm sure the WAC won't. I believe that was the reason why Menzies and Lewis were yelling about when JY got the T. Stew Morrill told JY to "Shut The F Up".

Anonymous said...

Typical "fall on your face Menzies team".

Well, at least Spring FB is just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

The State of UTAH is Classless,,,,,,Especially their 3 major College Basketball TEAMS!!!!

Thats what really hurts as an Aggie Fan it getting our A$$ handed to us by a bunch of CLASSLESS Holier-Than-Thou Punks!!!


Anonymous said...

you so called fans just kill me. it is so easy to tear things down that you know nothing about or know how to do. these kids and these coaches work their rear ends off and should get a little bit of support from you so called fans. do coaches and players call for you to be fired when you blow a court case and someone goes to prison, or you blow a tax statement and your client is audited, or you sale someone a bogus insurance policy, or you can't fix the engine the correct way, or a person gets food poison at your establishment, or, or, or..... Dang people, give it a rest already.
Yes, I know MM has a group of idiots on his roster, not all, but the ones who play are (not Ernest) and they act like babies, but come on now. Question to MM: is it against your philosophy to recruit kids that do things the right way and who are presentable to the fans? Why do we look at all other rosters, even in our league and we see kids we can identify with and support? Re-evaluate what you are doing. What good are those international kids right now? Where did Gomez go? WTF!!!!!
Hey Boston, you sure spend time complaining about what baseball doesn't do or what womens hoops should do, why don't you hold "YOUR BOYS" (MM & DW) to the same standard? You're too busy trying to decide what sweats, hat and non matching shoes to wear to the guys and ladies freaking senior nights & hall of fame induction. You are a joke.
Having said all that and hitting both sides of the aisle; The Aggies will win the WAC tournament.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 2:14. Getting drunk in the hotel room the night before the game is hardly a sign of players working their rear ends off. What is worse, Menzies knows exactly what is going on and refuses to do anything about it because he doesn't want to get into a conflict with his favorite players on the team (and we all know who those guys are). We can have all the talent we want on this team and we will still not win a championship until MM lays down the law and demands respect and discipline from his players.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else hear a "thud" sound from Logan UT, saturday nite?

jimmy said...

Pitino's model worked against the 'Cuse but for the Aggies gave up 90 ppg this weekend. The Aggies should be subbing more guys just to overplay in man D for 3 or 4 mins at a time. Their 7 guys are getting worn out trying to press, play zone and score fast like Louisville. Aggies should at least neutralize Quayle like they did in the Pan Am match-up.

Another game that was instructive was GlobeTrotter v. Generals becaus that blender offense looked a lot like what Stew Morril is running and always results in a layup against the Generals, too.

Jimmy hopes there is a defensive gameplan stashed away for the WAC tourney.

Anonymous said...

Just in case the players are still talking about the lack of attendance: The many comments above which are entirely valid are the reason I did not attend a single game this year and most likely will not attend a game until some things change.