Saturday, March 13, 2010


A couple of things I was thinking about for tonight's game.

I'm sure you remember the Jahmar Young incident with Utah State coach Stew Morrill the last time the teams met. JY has a thing he does before every game where he goes to the opposing coach and shakes his hand. I asked him if he planned on doing that tonight and he said he still might.

"I didn't hear what he said to me, but I looked at the film," Young said. "I'm not playing against him. I'm playing against his team."

I also talked with Coach Menzies briefly about what it feels like to return to the WAC championship game. Things haven't been smooth for Menzies here, losing in triple overtime his first year, taking a dip in wins last year and now back to 21 wins and in the final.

"When you look at the model that Doctor Boston and I discussed when I interviewed of building with young players and that's how you build a program that will win year in and year out."

"I don't think this has been any more rewarding than any other tournament. The goal is always to win the tournament. The NCAA Tournament is the NCAA Tournament. I don't think we will remember the path as much as where we arrived."

Menzies said the biggest challenge of tonight's game is playing against a different style of play the night after the Nevada game.


Anonymous said...

This is the worst officiated game so far. Why does it always seem as though Utah State gets bull crap calls. Wesley throwing elbows not getting called. Anybody touches him they call a foul.

Anonymous said...

Great day in aggieland we are dancing baby. Miners lose, Lobos lose, and aggies win. What else could we ask for. The worst called game and the Aggies still fought through it. Congratulations Aggies you deserve it. Now look for the Aggies to have an upset in first round. GOOOOO AGGIIEEESS!

Anonymous said...

Excellent win for the Aggies. Just excellent.

Won against the Nevada Wolfpack at home last night. Came back from a game that was much tougher than the game Utah State had to play. NMSU just out hustled and muscled the (now) very blue aggies of Utah.

I have to say that the best team in the conference won tonight.

Anonymous said...

One name: Troy Gillenwater.

I know that earlier Jason was saying that he shouldnt start based on his performance when Wen was out but after these two games I sure hope he starts. Not for Wen, but for Hamidu. A spark off the bench is nice but I think had he not come out tonight we could have had a more comfortable lead. The announcers were saying how Wen could not handle Wesley one on one and the mismatch was evident. Troy came out with an attitude in this tournament and I think he can start next season. Also, I dont agree with West being left out of the roster. He is a freshman and one of the few that might actually develop into something when this bunch graduates. No offense to Lump but he should be sitting at home watching the tourney, hasnt played in God knows how long. Anyway, great win for Aggie basketball and we'll see who we get paired up with.


Anonymous said...

I was gratified that the Aggies played an inside-out offensive game. You could see how tired both teams were, especially evident at the free throw line and sub par 3 pointers. The Aggies were, in my opinion, in better physical shape, better athletes.

I thought all of the players did well. Notice that Rahman and McKines' stats were exactly the same. For myself, I like Troy comin off the bench. You get a starter-quality person without a drop off. Such a luxury to have someone who can play the 3, 4 or 6 spot. He's a tough matchup for teams.

Good heart. Good team play. Good all around game!

Congrats to the Aggies.

Anonymous said...

I meant 5 spot. Although getting an extra player on the court might not be a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Gsus, why do you think that Lump should be sitting at home watching the tourney? He is a member of this team and he has as much right as anyone else to be there with the team. Lump may not be the greatest player on the team but he was there for the team when the starters were ineligible and he has earned his right to be in Reno.

Anonymous said...

West was not left out of the roster, he chose not to travel with the team to Reno. He wasn't left behind so that Lump or someone else can go.

What gives you the right to make a judgment who should be there and who should be sitting at home watching the tourney?