Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Travel day

That's right, I'm making my first road trip (excluding UTEP and UNM) and what a better time.

In the meantime, I'm writing a column about what I think is the Aggies' biggest strength. Their confidence. Comparing this team to the one I covered in Menzies' first year is night and day in terms of how open these guys are. I think JY's and Wendell's comments came from a sense like they were being slighted, being asked questions about Michigan State and Spartans players. While their comments will certainly be viewed as bulletin board material (From talking with the same reporter from Lansing, MSU beat writers from different papers were all talking about JY's comments regarding Michigan State's point guard Kalin Lucas) I thought that JY and Wendell were sensitive to a point and almost defensive in their responses. But that's why this group has shown the ability to play well whenthey feel it's everyone against them — the games after Wendell's blog entry and the WAC title game when Troy Gillenwater said he wanted a shot at Utah State on a neutral court. Not only did Gillenwater and the Aggies get what they wanted, they won, plus they beat the host team to get there.

If MSU players have gotten any wind of JY's and Wendell's comments, they will certainly have a little extra motivation. But the Aggies will as well, taking it as one more chance to put themselves on the map.

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