Sunday, March 7, 2010

Official All-WAC

First Team
Luke Babbitt, Nevada, F, 6-9, 225, So., Reno, Nev. (Galena HS)
Jahmar Young, New Mexico State, G, 6-4, 180, Jr., Baltimore, Md. (Laurinberg Prep)
Adrian Oliver, San Jose State, G, 6-4, 210, Jr., Modesto, Calif. (Washington
Jared Quayle, Utah State, G, 6-1, 180, Sr., Perry, Utah (Western Wyoming CC)
Tai Wesley, Utah State, F, 6-7, 240, Jr., Provo, Utah (Provo HS)

Second Team
Paul George, Fresno State, G/F, 6-8, 215, So., Palmdale, Calif. (Pete Knight HS)
Kyle Gibson, Louisiana Tech, G, 6-5, 205, Sr., Los Angeles, Calif. (Dorsey HS)
Magnum Rolle, Louisiana Tech, F/C, 6-11, 220, Sr., Freeport, Bahamas (LSU)
Armon Johnson, Nevada, G, 6-3, 195, Jr., Reno, Nev. (Hug HS)
Jonathan Gibson, New Mexico State, G, 6-1, 171, Sr., West Covina, Calif. (Calvary Christian)

Honorable Mention
Daequon Montreal, Boise State, F, 6-8, 220, Jr., Syracuse, N.Y. (College of Southern Idaho)
Sylvester Seay, Fresno State, F, 6-10, 235, Sr., San Bernardino, Calif. (Arizona State)
Roderick Flemings, Hawai‘i, F, 6-7, 210, Sr., Dallas, Texas (Weatherford College)
Mac Hopson, Idaho, G, 6-2, 185, Sr., Portland, Ore. (Washington State)
Wendell McKines, New Mexico State, F, 6-6, 224, Jr., Oakland, Calif. (Richmond HS)

Player of the Year: Luke Babbitt, Nevada
Freshman of the Year: Greg Smith, Fresno State
Don Haskins Coach of the Year: Stew Morrill, Utah State

All-Defensive Team
Marvin Jefferson, Idaho, C, 6-10, 245, Sr., Merced, Calif. (Modesto JC)
Kyle Gibson, Louisiana Tech, G, 6-5, 205, Sr., Los Angeles, Calif. (Dorsey HS)
Magnum Rolle, Louisiana Tech, F/C, 6-11, 220, Sr., Freeport, Bahamas (LSU)
Dario Hunt, Nevada, F, 6-8, 230, So., Colorado Springs, Colo. (Charis Prep)
Pooh Williams, Utah State, G/F, 6-3, 200, Jr., Federal Way, Wash. (Federal Way HS)

All-Newcomer Team
Daequon Montreal, Boise State, F, 6-8, 220, Jr., Syracuse, N.Y. (College of Southern Idaho)
Greg Smith, Fresno State, C, 6-10, 250, Fr., Fresno, Calif. (Westwind Academy/Edison HS)
DeAndre Brown, Louisiana Tech, G, 5-11, 160, Jr., Fort Worth, Texas (Navarro JC)
Nate Bendall, Utah State, F, 6-9, 245, Jr., Salt Lake City, Utah (Salt Lake CC)
Brian Green, Utah State, G, 6-1, 195, Jr., Kaysville, Utah (Salt Lake CC)

First Team
Shanavia Dowdell, Louisiana Tech
Tasha Harris, Boise State
Adrienne Johnson, Louisiana Tech
Tahnee Robinson, Nevada
Jaleesa Ross, Fresno State

Second Team
Crystal Boyd, New Mexico State
Rachele Kloke, Idaho
Shavon Moore, Nevada
Hayley Munro, Fresno State
Amber White, Utah State

All-Defensive Team
Alice Coddington, Utah State
Shanavia Dowdell, Louisiana Tech
Adrienne Johnson, Louisiana Tech
Shavon Moore, Nevada
Jaleesa Ross, Fresno State

All-Freshman Team
Banna Diop, Utah State
Lauren Lenhardt, Boise State
Julia Marshall, Boise State
Rosie Moult, Fresno State
Camila Rosen, New Mexico State

Player of the Year: Shanavia Dowdell, Louisiana Tech
Defensive Player of the Year: Jaleesa Ross, Fresno State
Newcomer of the Year: Tahnee Robinson, Nevada
Coach of the Year: Adrian Wiggins, Fresno State


Anonymous said...

I just noticed no Aggie men made the All Defensive team!

Is anyone surprised?
The last Aggie to make all defense was Fred Peete during the Reggie years and that was a long time ago.

Marvin can't coach and should go to the YMCA to learn how to play defense!

Anonymous said...

I think the Men's ALL WAC second team is better than the first team. What do you all think?

Anonymous said...

Damn, why are there 4 guards on the 2nd team?

Anonymous said...

Iam sorry but Hamidu Rahman was just as if not more of an effective player this season than Wendell and deserves to get some awards too. The numbers speak for themself. Wendell has more assist but Hamidu had more blocks. other than that pertty close numbers cross the board.

He was a force in the paint! I think he was the best true 5 in the leauge, I am sick of marvin down playing big fellas play when he has a great game. Marve didnt push for his big guy.

If you think iam just talking ish then look at the game last night. When they stoped gettin Rahman the ball they started to lose control of the game. If you didnt get paid you would stop working too!

All i have to say is that Hamidu is legit!!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 3:53 mentioned that no Aggies were on the All Defensive team.

I would rather have players on the ALL "D" team rather than offensively.
What's more disturbing is that no player during the Menzies era has been all Defense!!!

Menzies gives us all this blah, blah, blah, talk about defense but, although we can't see the defense, it doesn't mean we are blind!

Is it FB season yet?

Anonymous said...

The bloggers on this site show they do not know what they are talking about. Fred Peete was all WAC Defensive team for two years - 2006-2007 and 2007-2008. That is one year under Reggie and one year under Marvin, neither of whom are touted as defensive coaches. Peete was just a good defensive player despite the offensive emphasis.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Fred Peete was a defensive All WAC that Reggie brought in from Kansas St. because he was a ball hawk. He led the Big XII in steals his Sophomore.
His recruitment did not happen by accident as most succesfull teams need a defensive stopper.

Has Menzies brought in anyone that can play defense?

Menzies has no clue about defense thus, doesn't know how to recruit defensive players.
I rest my case. Menzies still sucks w/ or w/o Fred Peete having his back!

Anonymous said...

Oh sure. Nowhere is it mentioned that five NMSU basketball players made all-conference No Defense First Team.

How's that for slipshod reporting.