Monday, December 21, 2009

McKines is back

I found out that McKines was declared eligible by an eligibility committee on Monday and will be able able to play tonight against Alcorn State.

Both Braun Carwright and McKinley Boston have repeated that all students have the ability to appeal grades and that both Wendell and Troy are going through that process


Anonymous said...

hopefully he learned some humility while he was ineligible. He deserves a solid dose of it too. but i guess when you are an athlete rules don't apply to you.

Anonymous said...

yes, a little humility would be goood. This should definately be a learning experience for big Wen. I do hope this provides the much needed spark to get this team going in the right direction. GO AGGIES!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you read anything posted by Wen (blog, facebook, etc.) you know he's been very humbled by the experience. He's manned up and taken care of business off the court. He deserves a warm welcome.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words though. Do you think he showed any kind of humility today at the game?

chilero said...

I'm glad for Wen, but what the hell does this mean?!

Cleared by an eligibility committee and all students have the right to appeal?

Does this mean that we've allowed him to play pending the outcome of a grade appeal? If so, not so good.

Boston has a history of using kangaroo courts he creates and influences such as the "disciplinary committee" which basically attempts to determine guilt or innocence of accused felons without any evidence. Boston calls this "socioacademic" policy. But for you and I, it simply means keeping Tyrone Nelson on the court.

Is this another example of his socioacademic policy in action?

With Nelson, the intent was to get to the NCAA tourney. With Wen, it may simply be job preservation.

Anonymous said...

Chilero, the process was done within the framework that all students go through. And the press release clearly state he will be eligible for the remainder of the season. This isn't a TN situation by a long shot.