Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Texas Southern

I was at the women's game and Texas Southern was on the floor after the women's game. They look to have some athletic players so they should be a handful for the Aggies under second year coach Tony Harvey, who is trying to get his own players in after taking the job late last year. The coolest thing about this team is that Nick Van Exel is in his first year on the coaching staff. VanExel is one of my favorite players ever and it was crazy for me to see him at the Pan Am. Harvey said they knew each other from working for John Lucas in Houston developing players for NBA camps. Harvey said his team has liked having VanExel around. He's also excited about getting the Aggies to return the trip next season as he said "I've known Marvin a lot time through the business."

A couple notes from the Aggies side. BJ West is a gametime decision (ankle) and Gomez is doubtful (eye)

Now some quotes

Menzies on Troy Gillenwater
"I'm treating it the same as with Wendell. If the powers that be call me and say Troy is cleared also, that would be great news but I have no expectations one way or the other."

Menzies on what getting Wendell back means
"We want to get him back in the flow thats why I started him. He can propbably play more depending on the success during the game. If he is playing well he will play more. The good thing was getting Kelly and Tyrone minutes at the four. It gave me confidence that those guys are confident at that position when they are called upon.

Wendell on going up against guys in practice
"Tyrone has been here one year less than I've been here so I've seen him play. What he did on the court didn't surprise me. B.J. is going to be good. Bandja is going to be special. They just have to learn the system and keep a good work ethic."


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm shocked no one has mentioned anything about WM's weight. He looks like a bratwurst stuffed in that jersey. Guess he was to busy getting his grades up that he forgot to hit the weight room.

Anonymous said...

Weigh or not. Appears that he is getting it done in all areas. Has lead the team and rebounding and assists in his first two games back. Ever see Charles Barkley? WM is our round mound of rebound.

justin said...

I think he's just chosen a jersey a size smaller than he should be wearing. When I look at this picture (http://www.bleedcrimson.net/index.php?q=photos&g2_itemId=9541), he looks pretty fit.

Anonymous said...

Justin -
Good call.
I don't think they expected Wen back because the jersey does not have the same number font as the rest of the team. "McKines" is spelled out flat (not curved) in iron-ons, also not the same font, across the back. He doesn't care. I think Wen's first slam dunk contest at Pan Am vs H. Pope was in a "wife-beater" tank top. I'm guessing they bought the biggest jerzey available at Mesilla Valley Mall and the numbers from Hobby Lobby.