Saturday, December 5, 2009


UNM apparently sold this game out from what I've been told. of course there are less seats with the renovation project

Tyrone Watson in the starting lineup for Lumpkins....I know some of you have been calling for that

11-5 UNM 11:48
The Lobos are playing zone of course....Hamidu has had a couple looks but hasn't had anything fall and the Lobos are getting open 3s against NMSU. They just havent started falling yet.

33-13 UNM 349
JY and Gibson are the only Aggies with a field goal ... The Lobos pushed out to 33-10 with a 24-7 run, basically just rebounding Aggies misses and limiting them to one shot

18 points!!!
The NMSU men's basketball team scored 18 points in the first half. Only two players had field goals. 41-18 UNM at half

63-45 UNM 758
NMSu made it a 15-point game. Their offense is predictable and if they arent making shots or running, they dont have much of a halfcourt game either....


Anonymous said...

How is Tyrone doing? I know people have been asking for him instead of Lump. Is Tyrone any good at all in this game?

Anonymous said...

Heres a first half stat: 18 points and 18 turn overs for the Aggies.

Menzies, your team has no heart.

Anonymous said...

here is a stat,,,,,Aggie Basketball team 18 points at Half,,,,

Boise Football team had 28 Points at Half,,,,,,

Going to be real ugly if the Basketball team does not score at least 43 point toinght,,,,

What a Joke,,,,,Anyone think the MM Experiment needs to go on for ONE more game????? FIRE MENZIES NOW!!!!


Anonymous said...

Menzies, you have taken all of the energy and momentum built up in the two previous years prior to your arrival, and destroyed it. Your inability to coach or motivate have sucked the life out of your individual players, your team, the university, and the entire community. I'm sitting here watching the UNM game and am sick to my stomach. Your presence on the sidelines is poor. The body language of your players is that of an uninspired team. please do us all a favor and resign.

Anonymous said...

Just as we pick up some momentum Menzies calls a time-out??? what is wrong with this guy? You don't have to be a basketball guru to realize you don't call a time-out when your team has the momentum going for them. But of course how would Menzies know. He has never played basketball competitively.

with this kind of coaching there is not much hope for the rest of the season regardless whether TG and WM return.

Anonymous said...

JJ said...

Everyone has been saying that Troy and Wen will be saviors for the team if they become eligible starting Saturday. Being a staunch Aggie supporter we always want those few extras which will help the team improve. But in order for them to improve, a bit more work needs to be done outside the forward position. Our strength in the team without Troy and Wen was supposed to be our guard play. But 31 turnovers is not an indication of good guard play. 16 of those turnovers were from our starting guards. You eliminate half of the 31 turnovers and convert half of those into scores, that is about a 30 point swing. Maybe with a stronger inside presence the ball won't be forced as as much. But regardless of Troy and Wen's situation we need to take care of the ball better.

Also, I am getting tired of all the "fire Menzies" posts. I am a realist and have not always agreed with some of his play calling or game preparation. But I would rather see some posts with substance than those constant "get rid of Menzies" posts. Regardless of performance, there will be NO firing mid season. I just usually skim over those posts until I come to a post that have something meaningful. Wait till after the season is done to address the coaching issue.

Finally, I have been to the home games and I see some tremendous effort out of the guys. I have seen a lack of concentration (hence the turnovers and low shooting percentage). If the present players start to concentrate more, we can still get some good progress this season.

Back to Troy and Wen. If either or both of them become eligible, one hopes that the on court chemistry improves. Having more rebounding force underneath would help relieve the load of the guards rebounding. I am surprised more teams have not tried more fast breaks, knowing that our guards are underneath working rebounds and not back defensively. Certainly it would take the load off Hamidu. He has had great success this season, but without a supporting cast underneath, other teams have been able to concentrate on him and reduced his effectiveness. And if the rest of the team takes care of the ball, we can better maximize the opportunities underneath.