Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy holidays

I'm going home for the first time for Christmas since I've been here so I won't be attending the next two games and will return next Tuesday. I'll still check the blog to approve comments but likely won't be posting anything so I encourage you to follow Teddy's blog for hoops the next week. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

TF did a bang up job covering bball for you in your absence. NOT. When are you going to take his job?

Anonymous said...

Have a great break. How about when you get back you do something with all the negativity on these blogs! It just amazes me how people are sooooooo perfect that they can talk trash on anything and everything outside of their own lives. Come on people, start a new trend in 2010! "Don't hate; Participate!"

Anonymous said...

come on JG. Big game tonight and no post?

chilero said...

Lots of positivity going on in the football blog.

Maybe you should switch sports Anon 9:46?

Its not about perfection. Its about leadership.

My wish in the new year is for a basketball team that occasionally looks like its playing organized basketball. You know, the kind with plays and defense and all of that.

And in the spirit of participation, if we can't have organized basketball, then maybe Boston can give me the dough and make me coach! I can let 'em throw up 3's and go 1 on 3 with no defense. I'll fake it no problem. I'll even promise to start the season in November instead of January and act like I'm pissed when we get blown out! Thanks Santa.

Happy new year JG!