Monday, December 21, 2009

Alcorn St. game

Wendell McKines led the Aggies onto the floor for pregame warmups after he was declared eligible earlier this afternoon. He has been practicing all season so we should see him.

De'Shawn Gomez isnt dressed but he's on the bench. I'll check on that after the game

11-0 NMSU 1557
Not only did he start, but McKines has three assists. One coming off an offensive rebound along the baseline where he threw it out to Gibson for a 3 at the top of the key

18-8 NMSU 1154
There was an intriguing lineup in the game for a second with West and McKines in the game together. It looked like B.J. tweaked his ankle though and had to come out.

52-35 NMSU Half
Young is one point off 1000 with 10 points in the first half. Gibson has 13 and Alcorn is horrible.


Anonymous said...

wendell has not learned what humility is. He came out today acting like he is number one. He needs an attitude adjustment quickly. Considering all the problems he has had recently, he has no place yelling at coaches and acting up.

Anonymous said...

So what was the deal with Gomez? Saw him carrying some bags with the EP airport sticker on them and was wondering why he wasnt dressed.
Not a very sharp game at all and in my opinion didnt seem fair that Wen started. Like I said before, academics come second and if youre the best you will play. Didnt like all the showboating that the guys did tonight, especially since they never opened up a lead that was comfortable. Granted we all knew Alcorn wouldnt catch up but it showed lack of discipline on the team. Kinda got me worried if this is how we play against a winless team.