Sunday, March 8, 2009

JY's in, Joyner's out

The title of this post is probably too harsh. I spoke with Coach Menzies who said Jahmar Young is back in good standing after "serving his penalty" I got the impression that it was up until gametime whether Young would sit for the first half or not which means to me that it was a minor thing. I know the players have to have so much study hall throughout a week, can't be late for team functions etc. Breaking these rules has led to fewer minutes throughout the season and this was another case.

Joyner on the other hand will not be in Reno. He didn't make the trip to Hawaii either. More on that to come later, most likely when the Aggies are done playing for the season.


Anonymous said...

Joyner must be a moron. He had problems getting into Arkansas. Strike one. Now he's probably bolting Cruces. Strike two. Which school is going to be stupid enough to give him his chance to strike out?

Anonymous said...

JY, needs to put his nose to the defensive grindstone. With his quickness and speed, he could really become a complete player with some added intensity on defense. By doing so he could probably increase his offensive output buy another 6 to 8 points off of steals and break-aways. Not playing defense is the only thing keeping him from being WAC Player of the Year.

Joyner needs to be replaced for a
6"9' big man that can catch and does not lumber down the court or under the basket.

Go Aggies

Anonymous said...

You must be a moron if you are posting a comment like that. Terrance Joyner is a kid, who made a mistake. Yes, he has trouble getting in...which has a lot more to do with huge injustices in our society's education system than with Terrance himself. But he got himself in, he got the grades to clear, and then he made a mistake, a dumb mistake yes, but in no way does that justify you calling him a moron? Make you feel good to sit at your computer and judge the kid? Big man you must be...