Wednesday, March 11, 2009

boise state keys

Besides transition rebounding and better interior defense, I think Jonathan Gibson should be a key to advancing this week. After a down year, Gibson appears to have pulled out of a slump, shooting 12-20 and 8-13 from downtown the last two games. he was 7 of 10 and 5 of 8 in the last game against boise State. With the resurgence of Gillenwater in the lineup, Young, Gibson and Gillenwater present the best trio in the league if everything is clicking offensively. Boise doesn't have enough athleticisim in the backcourt to defend both guards, especially when Gordo comes in and Gibson plays the point.

i also think the aggies need to do a better job offensively when the Broncos play man defense. They simply aren't good man to man (the aggies arent either) and the Aggies need to score on these possessions, maybe a pick and roll or get the ball inside. I'd like to see the ball go through McKines a little more because he can get to the basket off the dribble whoever guards him, if he gets the ball at the top of the key.

what else do the aggies need to do to advance?


Anonymous said...

I agree with the statement re: Gibson's performance. Boise had a hard time containing him last time and he adds some very aggressive defense.

When Wendell gets the ball, he needs to be aware of who is in position underneath for a rebound because if he takes a longer range shot, he is removed from ideal rebounding opportunities. Fortunately his outside shot has improved so he does keep the defense honest, but no one shoots 100% so we will have to maximize our rebounds.

Anonymous said...

what else does the aggies need?

Luck and a NEW COACH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BUCK the Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I swear that some people who post on this blog are so negative, they may be opponent fans. Alot of us have been disappointed at times this year with young team (only 1 with over 2 years experience) and our young coach (his 2nd year). But we do have to realize that these Aggies have been gaining experience at the D-1 level which is a LOT better than JC experience. And this young team has tremendous talent and it is a matter of time before they string together some good streaks. I feel that Menzies has done a decent job in molding them into a team. Even I have criticized his game coaching, but I have still supporting him and the team like a true Aggie.

Anonymous said...

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