Monday, March 2, 2009

versus boise state



Weak turnout for a finale, but the students have shown up

NMSU 19, Boise 19 11:23
Booster Kevin McGrath was tossed after the officials outlawed the saying "Dirty Sanchez" from the Aggies student section referring to Boise's big man. On the court, Noonan has been allowed some easy looks which is dangerous, but Jahmar Young continues to play well against the Broncos. He has seven points

NMSU 27, Boise 27 7:53
Back to back 3s from Castillo and Gibson tied the Aggies up

Boise State 45, NMSU 42
Not a lot of defense when these teams hook up as they are on pace for another game in the 80s. The Aggies turned it over on three of their last four possessions in the first half and have seven TOs. Boise has knocked down six triples and are shooting 50 percent while the Aggies are 59.3 percent from the floor

Boise 69, NMSU 61 11;38
No defense, but three turnovers early and a missed young layup have helped the Broncos match their largest lead of the game

boise 104, NMSU 92


Anonymous said...

Looked like a layup drill for Boise State for most of the game. Sloppy game, no defense for the Aggies.

The Aggies will stay home for another NCAA post season. At least NMSU will save a few bucks on team travel.

Anonymous said...

Save a few bucks? We'll come out ahead, since Reno puts up the money to host the tourney. Guess you gotta look at the bright side of the things....But lets not forget that we conceivably could go on a tear. We did win 6 straight, so all is not lost.