Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weekend predictions

So all we know is that Utah State is the No. 1 seed and Fresno State is ninth. Here is a look at what the other teams in the WAC have to close out the season and how I see the games playing out.

Nevada (9-5)
vs San Jose State Thursday; at Boise Saturday. Nevada should win both of these to finish 11-5 and end up No. 2

Boise State (8-6)
vs Fresno Thursday; vs. Nevada Saturday. I think the Broncos split these games, beating Fresno and losing to Nevada to finish 9-7

New Mexico State (8-7)
at Hawaii Saturday. Entering this week, I thought the Aggies would drop this game, but now since they lost on Monday, I think they rebound to win on Saturday to finish 9-7

Idaho (7-7)
vs La Tech Thursday; vs. Fresno Saturday. Thursday's game is pretty interesting and La Tech is playing great right now, but I think Idaho wins on their home floor and finish 9-7 which would give the Vandals the three seed. Boise State would be the four since the Broncos are a combined 2-2 against NMSU and Idaho. Idaho would finish third with a 3-1 mark and NMSU fifth after going 1-3 against Boise and Idaho.

San Jose State (6-8)
at Nevada Thursday; at Utah State Saturday. Tough way to end the regular season, losing twice to finish 6-10

Louisiana Tech (6-9)
at Idaho Thursday. like i said before, the Bulldogs can win this game, but i don't see it to finish 6-10. Louisiana Tech would get the No. 6 seed because they beat Nevada earlier this season. both teams would have been swept by Utah State and Nevada swept San Jose State.

Hawaii (5-10)
They always play the Aggies tough at home, but they lose Saturday to finish 5-11 and in the play in game.

First round matchups
No. 8 Hawaii vs. No. 9 Fresno State winner vs. No. 1 Utah State
No. 2 Nevada vs. No. 7 San Jose State
No. 3 Idaho vs. No. 6 La Tech
No. 4 Boise State vs. No. 5 NMSU


Sam said...


Actually Idaho can nab the three seed because Idaho is 3-1 combined against NM State and Boise State, Idaho swept Boise.

Sam said...

That is, if Boise State splits as you predict and Idaho wins out.

Jason Groves said...

You're right Sam. Corrections made

Anonymous said...

I still think La Tech beats Idaho and The Aggies get the Vandals in the first round.

Anonymous said...

NMSU defense is bad. Heck, I've middle school players play better defense.
I predict the Aggies season will end on Thursday. Yes, the first round.

Then we will start hearing how young the team is and how the future is bright, blah, blah, blah!

Yes, they are young but without an inside game and a strong defense, we will again be mediocre!
Time to bring in a couple JUCO players to play inside and defend!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen to 9:18 AM

Time to send 3 players packing and get some Immediate help. Start with the worst defenders and rebounder.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jack, Thanks for pointing out you article---nice article. Also glad to see that you read the blogs.


Anonymous said...

Everyone should listen to Jack and just be patient. It's amazing the unrealistic expectations some of you guys have.

And the funny thing is we aren't even terrible this year. Just inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

It's not that easy to "send three guys packing." We have APR issues to think about. We've already been reprimanded, and could face a postseason ban soon if we keep losing/shuffling players.

Our best bet is to stay the course, like it or not. Losing anyone this season would DEVASTATE our APR, and put us in shaky standing the NCAA.

Anonymous said...

If you're gonna dance, you'd better dance with who brung ya'.

Those of you who want instant milk in the form of JuCo transfers might try rooting for the Lobos for awhile where they don't mind spending dough from a low tax base state on a $ million coaching name.

Way to play, Hernst, and good article JG.

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys make me sick. You claim to be such great NMSU fans but the minute the team has to rebuild after winning a championship. You guys down them and beat up everyone from the head coach to the 19 year old centers. These freshman are learning the game and working hard. The WAC has a ton of upper class tough big men this year! (Utags Gary Wilkinson SR, BSU Cunningham JR, Sachez SR.) Thats just naming a few. Last year Menzies had a ton of talent. Thats a given but they weren't his guys, that was still Reggie's team. So give him time. Give Menzies until next year. JY, Wendall, and Troy are committed to the program and they understand what it takes to win, give them the benefit of the doubt. Trust in the system. Menzies basketball soup is going to be worth sticking around for.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy notices how most of the Menzies detractors point at losses in general and not usually at anything specific but maybe his dignified, reserved manner? This is the new wave in coach but some fans are having trouble catching the wave...but they will.
Listening to the Hawaii game I noted how the early full-court pressure only upset the Aggies offense for one possession. Next, a Menzies timeout prevented a 10 second call. Both are specific indicators of particularly good coaching.