Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fresno State

Troy is dressed and warming up. Terrance is in streetclothes

Fresno State


NMSU 12, Fresno 9 11:39
Wendell is all over the place filling up the stat sheet. He has three streals, two of which set up layups during a 6-0 run but Sylvester Seay has hit some jumpers to keep Fresno close early

Fresno 20, NMSU 15 7:54
Fresno shoots a lot of 3s. They are 4 of 8 so far and hit from long distance on three straight possessions

Fresno 24, NMSU 22 3:38
NMSU came back to tie it at 20-20 and now fresno's Brandon Sperling is shooting two out of the media timeout

Fresno 31, NMSU 24
Wendell and Jahmar each had two fouls and Menzies sat Gillenwater the first half so not a lot of scoring on the court to end the first half as the Aggies didnt score in for the last three minutes and were outscorred 11-4 in the last 4:55

Fresno 45, NMSU 41 10:57
Fresno is spreading the court. They have shot nine 3s here in the second half after nine the entire first half

Fresno 51, NMSU 50 7:38
The Aggies took a brief lead after Young hit a 3 from the top of the key to tie it at 46-46

NMSU 66, Fresno 66

Sory, 79-71 Aggies in OT
Wendell and J.Y. took over in OT


FSDogs1 said...

Disheartening loss for the 'Dogs tonight. It seems like this Fresno State team has big, big potential and they just are too young and inexperienced to finish games off.

Yet when the same things keeps happening over and over (see tonight, UNLV, San Jose State, Nevada and Utah State twice) you've gotta wonder if there's some problem besides just youth?

Check out my thoughts on

Anonymous said...

WTF? Who let this Bulldog fan post? I guess it does give this post a little 'diversity'. FSDogs1; I think the problem with you team is that they simply are not good enough. The WAC has a bunch of teams who are fighting, crawling and scratching to get any wins they can. So, don't be so down on FState.
For the Aggies, I have to say that I am disappointed that we have to fight, scratch and crawl our way to each win we have earned. It seems with the talent we have, we should be clearly winning most of the games we've won. Get what I'm saying?
We need something to get the team pumped up. Maybe Hamidu Rahman and Chris Gabriel can do that Jabbawockeez Shaq-dance before the game. That would be freaking GREAT.

Anonymous said...

LOL. you crack me up 007. You really think we should be dominating the WAC? Puh-lease.

And what did you think about the teams shout-out to the students after the game Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the post-game exit past the student band section was well-timed by Menzies, I assume (don't know whose idea that was? but an excellent call on somebodies part).
FSU fan should know that Sly Seay would have been neutralized by T. Gillenwater if Aggies would have needed it ...
Troy seemed a lot more upbeat in warm-ups than the other players. I'm sure he had hopes of playing. Coming up through the stands he was all smiles, too. It looks like he's agreed to cave into Menzies demands to conform? Maybe the radio comments to after the game mean that Troy can get back to work tonite while Rahman and Gabriel clear the lane for him and follow his misses? Thanks, Jack, for asking the right question so we could hear from Marvin that he places the young man's future among his highest priorities.