Saturday, February 7, 2009


After reading about an alleged incident involving troy gillenwater on a message board, i've heard a lot of things. All that I know is that Gillenwater is still in reno (contrary to one rumor) and his status for tonight's game is still up in the air. with or without him, the Aggies are heading into a bad situation where nevada is coming off a home loss to la tech. without him, i dont see the aggies pressuring nearly as much, which would hurt them because their pressure was effective against nevada in the first half at the pan am. i guess they could play the same way if wendell plays 39 minutes. obviously gabriel and lumpkins will need to build on their efforts at utah state. lumpkins didnt hurt the aggies but i'm not sold on him yet and maybe playing the point settles gibson down a little bit? i only really saw one bad shot jonathan took at utah state.


Anonymous said...

Throw us abone here Groves. What is the "alleged incident"?

Jason Groves said...

Well I haven't been able to get ahold of coach Menzies yesterday or today, but according to a poster on the message board, gillenwater got into it with Menzies. I really don't want to speculate until i can hear something concrete firsthand, but it could be one of those in house scenerios. Needless to say, it's a developing storyline and i guess we will all see how it plays out on national tv