Saturday, February 7, 2009

NMSU makes it official

Gillenwater to Miss Nevada Game
RENO, Nev.-New Mexico State men’s basketball head coach Marvin Menzies has suspended freshman forward Troy Gillenwater for one game due to conduct detrimental to the team. 


EVL said...

Terrible News! Gillenwater has potential, but life is a process! I hope he understands that! It would be nice for JY to step in and mentor Gillenwater.

Jason Groves said...

This is not only terrible news, but let me throw this out there and I think there will be something more substantial in monday's paper. I don't know what happened in Gillenwater's case but the day or day after Joyner was caught in the airport with weed in the same weekend will be a pr nightmare for the aggies. Hopefully Menzies knows his players better than anyone, but at this point of a season, you can't just keep suspending players, i think part of being a coach is communicating with players and maybe communicating with troy means sitting him on an ESPN2 game, but i doubt it. In house bickering happens all the time across the country but there has to be better ways to squash it than suspending guys. I think there are three guys on the team in gibson young and mckines who can be leaders on this team but are all still learning to fill that role, and in the meantime it seems from the outside looking in that the aggies lockerroom is is complete disarray with the potential to fall completely apart on national television.

Anonymous said...

well they didn't fall apart. In fact they look good, and the adversity may have brought the team together.