Thursday, October 16, 2008

What to look for

There are obvious things to look for in Friday's point guard play, center play, wendell mckines.

But I'm also curious to see what Robert Lumpkins is like. I have only seen him shoot around and I know Coach Menzies likes his ability to shoot the ball. His height can help him perhaps play on the wing as well as the shooting guard so there is some versatility there. The bottom line is the team will need another guard who can score I think, even if it's someone coming off the bench, because as much as I like Gordo Castillo, I think his role is to come off the bench for spot minutes strictly as a shooter and Lumpkins seems like more of a complete player.

I'm also curious to see what the game will look like with the new 3-point line. I don't know if a scrimmage will show much, but i'm interested to see if moving it back will open up the paint as much as you hear coaches talk about. There is no doubt the Aggies have shooters who wont be bothered by the further line, it will help separate great shooters from average shooters if anything.

Hamidu Rahman vs. Chris Gabriel. I know i mentioned this at the beginning, but it seems like these two will be battling all season for minutes. It will be interesting to see them if they are matched up against each other.

One thing you won't see for the men's scrimmage is point guard Terrance Joyner. As of Thursday, Joyner was the only player who had yet to be cleared by the NCAA, but I believe the rest of the players will all be on the practice court.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to tonight's scrimmage to get a good feel about how all the newcomers are going to blend with the few returnees. Another neat thing about the start of the basketball season with the scrimmage is that we are looking forward to the basketball team and STILL cheering on and hopeful of good success for the football team. In addition, the volleyball team is starting to peak at a good time.

Anonymous said...

Joyner might not be cleared by the NCAA, but once the semester ends, and his grades are good than he will be eligible, because he would of already finished one full school year.

Anonymous said...

Hoop season is here. YES!

Tonights Crimson & White scrimmage was a fun type thing for the players and fans. I'm not so sure we saw what we were hoping to see from the mens team. Do we only have 8 players, with two of those being walk ons? Groves, what's up with that? A 4 on 4 pick up game with NO defense or organization can't be what they have been working on in their individual workouts and team workouts. Can it be? I was happy to see Gipson trying to take over and dominate on the offensive end. Good thing practice is here. I believe the coaches will get them together.

The womens team looks bigger all over the floor, have depth and I can see their "BIGS" are much better handling the ball. They also have good athletes and a basketball IQ that could help them be a solid team.that little blonde point guard, Kaitlyn Soto, is a fire ball. She has a chance to play a bunch and give Madi Spence a chance to come off screens and shoot her shot. They can play Madi like the Utah State men always played Jaycee Carroll.

Anyway, I am fired up for the hoop season. Everyone needs to get to the Pan Am for both teams. Oct 31 the guys play and Nov 2 the gals play. Let's go people!

Don't forget to get to the stadium tomorrow and lift our team so we can spank San Jose State.

Go Aggies!

Anonymous said...

So exaclty what is up with the four players who did not suit up? Are they truly academic casualties, or is MM sending a message beause they barely are getting by?
-Aggie Glare