Sunday, October 26, 2008


I am going to try to break down every position on the Aggies men's team in the next week.
I wrote a story on the center position where I thought I would start.

To me, the two question marks entering the season are at the point guard spot and the center position. But it's the center spot that would concern me the most. The Aggies have a number of guards who can play the point if Terrance Joyner or Hernst Laroche take longer to develop, but Hamidu Rahman and Chris Gabriel are all they have at the 5 spot.

The glaring negative to both players is their inexperience, as Rahman sat out last year and Gabriel was in high school. They will both be thrown into the fire this season. As Menzies said in the story, Rahman's strengths are shot blocking and defense. He is extremely long, but will have to get stronger and play stronger in the post. Gabriel seems like a more complete player and a probable starter to me but that's just based on what he did in high school because I haven't seen either of them in action.

Menzies has also talked about playing the two bigs together in some situations this season as both will learn the power forward spot as well. The Aggies would have a pretty solid 3-5 in that case with Gillenwater playing the small forward at 6-8.

There are some solid post players in the WAC at Utah State and if the Louisiana Tech big men are as advertised, all of whom are more experienced than Rahman and Gabriel. Luckily though, both centers know their roles and wont be forcing shots up. If they rebound and defend the paint, that's all you can really ask for at the point.


Anonymous said...

Although we are yet to see what these guys can do, their size is attractive. 6'11 and 7'0. Thats as big as your gonna see in a college hoops frontcourt. Similar to Iti and Passos as far as size goes. Hopefully these bug guys can be steady and and give us at least 15 ppg and 12 rebounds a game. That would help a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Now that our Football team has begun their normal downward spiral, I am ready for some basketball again!!!!

PS.....Fire Mumme.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post on Mumme, but that's for a different blog. However, in relation to the football team, I am worried. As you see with our football team; we have great athletes; athletes who fit into what top-tier WAC student-athlete is like ... ie Chris Williams, Chase Holbrook, Derrick Richardson, Rhyan Anderson, AJ Harris ... etc.
With the men's basketball team, we have good players. Jon Gibson, Jahmar Young, Wendell McKines, etc.
The one thing that concerns me is the coaching. As Dr. Boston said in Jason Groves' excellent interview article with Da Boss (Dr. Boston), "If Marvin Menzies does not improve from last year, then I hired to wrong person."
Clearly, he was not thrilled with the coaching job last year and he expects to see some major improvements.
Finally, these two big men we have concern me. First; if Hamidu Rahman can get eligible, I will be incredibly suprised. Second, unless he's a monster and turns it on when the lights are on, Chris Gabriel is gonna get knocked around allllll season long. He's soft and you will see this within the first few games.
I'm not trying to hate ... just being objective.
Go Aggies

Anonymous said...

Marvin Menzies is a class guy. He is a team player in the department and finds some time to get around town. He has young kids at home that he is taking care of, all the while trying to learn how to get the job done on the D1 level. He will learn, he will grow and he will be ok.

Now, what I don't understand is why he has Rick Pitino coming to be the guest speaker at his own basketball banquet. The guy is a good coach, sure, but he is another D1 head coach. Last time I checked that is what Menzies is. I could see bringing in an NBA coach, but why someone who is on the same playing level as you? I just see that as interesting.

As for the players. I saw them scrimmage over the weekend. They have some talent, but will have to play much much harder and find ways to defend. They will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Rahman IS eligible anon 6:30. Read the article. What are you his tutor? And what do you know about Gabriel? What are you baseing your comments on? Just curious.

Anon 11:04...Are you really comparing Menzies to Petino? Petino is a legendary college coach, and former NBA coach. He gave birth to great college coaches like, um, Reggie Theus. Get a clue.

Cant wait for the season to start. I love Aggie Basketball.

Anonymous said...

Just read the article on WM great stuff. I hope he has worked on his driving to to the basket. If he could bring a slasher game. You could see a line up like this.
JG pg
JY sg
WM sf
TG pf
and on of the to bigs starting. also tg/wm could be switched out with that line up we should own the glass, and be able to press a little.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:01
You're just on a roll aren't you ... haha.
FYI: it's Pitino ... not Petino. And I've seen Gabriel play and he is soft. Just saying ...
Aggies007 ... not Anon 6:30.
... get ... a ... clue ....

Anonymous said...

Just picture Rick Pitino giving birth to Reggie Theus ... not a pretty picture Anon 12:01. Shame on you for that visual ...

Anonymous said...

007- Just because Pitino and Menzies are both D1 coaches does not make them equal. I pray that one day they are, but Menzies has to accomplish a lot for that to happen. So are you going to admit your were wrong about Rahman? Gabriel is a freshman. He'll be pounding away by January.

Also can you provide a link where Boston said if Menzies doesn't improve this year he made the wrong hire? I would like the whole context of that statement.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to see these two guys duke it our for the starting job and more minutes. I dont think that we should expect too much from either one because their both freshman and will start out slow. They will have good games to get the experience going this semester and should have good leadership from Gibson and Young. If Menzies wants to keep running the same offense then we should start Gabriel because as Groves said he has more offensive qualities. But if he wants to slow it down to let the players adjust to college ball then put Rahman for defensive power. I think we have two good centers here and if they stay around they will get pretty good.

And would people be talking smack about Menzies if he brought in Coach K or Bobby Knight in for a talk? There is nothing wrong with bringing in a coach who has an established reputation and that can lead to more donations for athletics.


Anonymous said...

Chris Gabriel is not soft. He was rated a three-star by, and was rated one of the top 25 players in the state of California. He was also ranked the 35th best center in the nation by, so dude you need to get lost, because it is clear you are no Aggie fan.

Anonymous said...

sorry Bond (007). I apologize for the mis spelling of words on this grammar blog. I did, however, find humor in your Reggie Theus/PITINO visual comment. That was good. In all honesty, I dont think any of us know what the hell we are talking about when concerning these new kids. I think Wendell is going to be a sleeper in the conference though. Especially if he has improved his offensive game. I also think Gordo can be a huge part of this team. We'll see.

Keep the comments coming guys. This is entertaining... Go Aggies!!!

Anonymous said...

Saying Reggie Theus was a great NCAA Div I college coach is a slap in the face to all the college coaches out there. He's a mediocre NBA coach at the moment - - which is not to say that it wasn't great to go to the Big Dance with the win over Utah State in the Pan Am. Now Stu Morrell ...there's a real Div. 1 coach! As I recall, Jonathan Gibson hit an acrobatic shot as a freshman to get to go play Texas and I don't think Reggie held up any fingers to call for that play. Up to that point the Aggies were smoked on their home court. Menzies, in the same situation last year vs Boise State, let his inherited seniors have the ball at the 2nd and 3rd overtimes; guys like Hawkins, Passos and Fred Peete who had put the work in when Theus was here. This was exactly what Menzies should have done, even though Jamar Young or Gibson might have finished. Dare I say Pope was more effective than the seniors in OT, but Menzies stuck to the team philosophy and gave the seniors their opportunity to shine. What makes Theus the better Div.1 coach (not that it matters)? I still like Reggie and still got my Reggie T-shirt but Menzies is the man now and more concerned about the players than himself, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Gabriel is a big young kid. Get off his back, give him some time to learn the ropes and allow him time to grow.

And don't get too caught up in how a kid ranked by some recruiting service. Half of the time these gurus don't even see the kids enough to rank them. Wait and see how a kid develops, adjusts and grows to make your own evaluation of him.

I like Menzies and think he is going to be good hear because he wants to be here. As for Pitino, sure he is a proven Hall of Fame coach, I just think it would be better to have someone on the NBA level. Heck, I'm not paying that much money anyway so no big deal. How about we bring Theus back to speak and allow him to show how thankful he is to NMSU for giving him a start? Yeah right.

Good luck Menzies and boys. Have a great year.