Thursday, October 9, 2008

Men's poll

Is there usually this much turnover in a league? Just talking scorers, 11 of the top 15 scorers last year were seniors. Only La. Tech guard Kyle Gibson (7th) and Utah State center Gary Wilinson (13th) return this season. Jordan Brooks isn't on Idaho's roster and JaVale McGee is in the NBA. Well here it goes

Nevada, Love their guards, don't know much about their frontcourt guys though
Utah State, Love their frontcourt, don't know much about their guards though. Wilkinson, Tai Wesley and Tyler Newbold. Wesley is althletic for a 4 and Newbold proved to be a solid shooter (52 percent from 3)
San Jose State, This pick probably won't be popular. All five starters return with a little bit of everything to offer. Tim Pierce is an athletic wing who can take over a game, Chris Oakes an dCJ Webster may be undersized but they are both great rebounders and Justin Graham was injured early last season as well as late. They also beat Utah State last year and played everyone pretty tough at times. It seemed like they kind of ran out of gas though.
New Mexico State. I don't know if everything can come together or not. If it does, they can move up to second, or they can finish lower than fourth. Jahmar Young and Jonathan Gibson have already proven themselves as scorers and I think Troy Gillenwater is the real deal, but we will have to see.
Louisiana Tech. This could be high, but Rupp has put together a formidable front line with some mammoth transfers that will join guard Kyle Gibson. If it pans out, that's a pretty good start.
Boise State Great point guard. Jamar Greene has potential...another Baltimore guy....and Paul Noonan can shoot the ball, but their lineup isn't as impressive as it was last year
Fresno State

Player of the Year Wilkinson. Utah State. Not the most exciting pick, but he could have a field day against some of the interior defenders in the WAC and playing at USU for his second year, I'm assuming he has only gotten better

Newcomer of the Year Luke Babbitt. Nevada. It could also be a La. Tech transfer or even Troy Gillenwater at NMSU, but how many McD's All Americans have come to the league and he has enough talent around him he should be able to be productive.

Brandon Fields, Nevada
Jahmar Young, New Mexico State (Could also be Jonathan Gibson, pick one, I think both will have big years)
Kyle Gibson, La. Tech. pure scorer, fun to watch
C.J. Webster, San Jose State. Good around the basket both offensively and on the boards


Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 10:50. NMSU could possibly have the best talent in the league. Our home court is very tough for visitors, and Gillenwater, McKines, and Young are outstanding players. I just dont see the Aggies finishing below 2nd, especially since the rest of the league is also rebuilding. If you want to be a big time program, you have to be confident. This post has no confidence in our traditioned program. Get a clue JG. You do live in Las Cruces right? Or do you make the trip to work every day from El Paso?

Anonymous said...

Eh I dont agree with either of you two guys. I dont think that this is our year in the conference simply because we have the talent but not much experience. Thats not a bad thing because our only Junior is Gibson which means that we still have two years with Young and McKines. However, I dont think that San Jose will finish above us. They did play tough last year but I dont think they can go to Reno, Logan or here and beat any one of us. It should be a down year for the WAC because as Groves says there is not much returning talent so the top 3 can shape up any way with UNR, USU, and NMSU.


Anonymous said...

I agree with JG ... just because you live and write for a paper in Las Cruces DOES NOT mean you have to be irrationally optimistic about the men's basketball team ... c'mon and think OBJECTIVELY. There are many signs that we will have a difficult year. Yes, we have good players in Young, Gibson and McKines and who knows about Gillenwater. The unknown I am worried about is the coaching staff. They have been unimpressive to say the least. Menzies doesn't command his team like most coaches need to do. He seems like an assistant with the title of Head Coach. For the sake of being an Aggie fan, I hope I'm wrong, but those are the signs. So you first two posters; try to think objectively and realistic.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last post. Menzies still looks lost and really doesn't demand his players execute and do the little things right. They cut way too many corners and this year don't have the talent to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

But, for the first time, Menzies is coaching his own recruits with the exception of Gibson and Young. McKinnes and Gillenwater, as well as the new kids coming in, are Menzie products. Dont forget, he did win a share of the conference last year while dealing with obstacle after obstacle. Reggie recruited a different bread of players that Menzies' personality cant keep up with. Lets see how he does with HIS players.

BTW. The rest of the league is also young and inexperienced. Someone tell me what makes RENO and Utah St. better than us? I wont even comment on San Jose.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Menzies guided the team last year as they backed in to a four way tie in a year where no one wanted to win it out right. We had all that talent and he shared the title.

I hope our team is the best in the league, no question, and I will behind them all the way.

I just see too many people jumping the gun and wanting to expect too much from a bunch of kids who we know nothing about.

On the 17th, I heard both the mens and womens team will have the Crimson and White scrimmage night. Let's all get out there and support both teams.

Anonymous said...

Nevada, and Utah State both have a lot of new players, so how does that make them better than us. NMSU has better guards than Utah State, and McKines, and Gillenwater is just as good as Wesley, and Wilkinson. NMSU is even with Nevada. I have no idea how anyone could place NMSU below UTah State, because NMSU is better than Utah State.

Anonymous said...

JG -
Do you know if the poster is right that there will be a Crimson/White scrimmage on Friday for all of us rabid Aggies faithful to attend and see for ourselves? Last year it was held on Sat. and I didn't know if Coach would put his own stamp on the opening pr4ctice?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Crack Corn -
Yeah, man ... it's posted on the Aggies website. Both men and women have a scrimmage a Pan Am at 7pm Friday, Oct. 17th. There are some other events including the Greek community and the teams in some hokey test of skill, etc. Be there man, because you of all people need to see the team in action before you talk any more smack...