Thursday, October 30, 2008


First off I want to correct a mistake that I have made a couple times leading up to the season. I refer to Robert Lumpkins as a redshirt freshman. Ya, he's not. He's a sophomore transfer from Kilgore College.
That said, that's about all we know about him entering Friday's exhibition game, but he is intriguing at 6-6. If he can shoot as good or better than Paris Carter in his brief stint last year, he would be pretty productive since I think Lumpkins is more athletic and more versatile off the dribble.
We ended up running a breakdown story of all the positions in Thursday's paper:

But I think the key for this group of guards and something to watch in their exhibition games is how the perimeter players are able to guard the ball. It seems like it takes college players a little longer to catch on defensively so the backcourt players better improve quickly. Menzies and Jahmar Young have each talked about the need to shut down their man either in half court or when they press so its obviously a point of emphasis early on.

I'm also curious to see how Gordo Castillo is used early on. If he knocks down shots, I think he could play a bigger role this season than perhaps people think. I'm glad we will finally have a game to talk about, even if its an exhibition.

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