Saturday, October 18, 2008

Key losses

There have been a couple of key losses in wac basketball in the last few days. First, Boise State senior guard Jessica Thompson will reportedly miss the season because of a knee injury, possibly sitting out this year and redshirting Here is a story about her.

And then I'm sure you know thatthree Nevada players, including Brandon Fields, were suspended by the team late in the week for petty larceny.

Thompson's loss seems like the bigger loss to her team, diluting their backcourt a little bit. I hope that Fields and company are able to come back and was curious what you thought about the situation.


Anonymous said...

Thompson's situation is unfortunate, because injuries are usually something out of control of the person it happens to.

The three young men knew exactly what they were doing. I know we haven't been role models in the WAC, but if you commit a crime, no matter how "petty" don't be surprised when faced with the consequences.

Anonymous said...

I know the two guards on the BSU womens team well. Everyone wants to call them the best duo in the league, but they're not. They struggled last year in three games against our two; Tyshae Walton and Madi Spence. Thompson always had a hard time against Walton. Her loss will make BSU a little weaker but they'll still be ok.

As for the Nevada guys, they'll be back.

Anonymous said...

The first poster is right. Play with fire, get burnt.

No matter which program it is, coaches need to step up and hold players accountable for their actions. They should be teaching these young people what it takes to function in the game of life. Turning a head while a kid steals a pizza or something at a WalMart, etc..., so we can win some games does nothing for the future of our society.

Anonymous said...

Teams these days better have depth. Good depth is obviously better than bad depth. For some reason, these young kids think they are above it all and nothing will happen to them.

Coaches do have a tough decision and need to weigh all the facts and options when dealing with certain legal issues. If they act too harshly they ruin things for all the other players who have worked hard to have a good season. Its a no win situation at times.

Injuries also play a part in it ans the other players all need to pick up the slack.

Anonymous said...

Basketball and football players aren't the only ones stealing. Petty larceny and rolling the pizza-delivery guy seem like very stupid ways to get a police record that will always follow them around. But Sen. Manny Aragon, Sen. Ted Stevens and Mayor Ken Schultz prove that greed doesn't affect just young sports celebrities. I'm not excusing the players' behavior, just saying it's easy for anyone to succumb to temptation. Let the punishment fit the crime.

Anonymous said...

Tyrone Nelson was maybe the steadying force that got the Aggies into the 2006-07 WAC Championship final (7 of 11 from the field with 3 boards in 31 minutes), ultimately overcoming Utah State on Gibson's shot and securing the automatic bid to play Texas. When you think about all of the money the university brought in for those games, it seems crazy that Tyrone could do time for the Dominoe's job and subsequent cover-up. Especially considering that a state senator admits to involvement in skimming $4.2 million in public funds and will get to stay in the relative luxury of a federal facility for four or five years.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!'re telling me that Lorenzo's is in there giving away pies every night and yet to give a young man a pair of basketball sneakers is a violoation of NCAA rules???? Does the guy have much of a choice but to steal a pizza? Plus, maybe the brotha had the munchies. But, whatever the circumstances, Tyrone could ball and so could Herb Pope, and when they go there is all of this self-righteous indignation following in their wake. I don't think NMSU lost money on either one of them - - in fact probably made bank. Most honest Aggies fans know they were lucky to get to see that kind of talent up-close in this little burg.