Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Women's hoops

As you may know, NMSU guard Hannah Spanich decided to leave the Aggies this week. I wrote a story about it for Wednesday's paper. I think maybe it could hurt the Aggies early in the season as the younger players find their way, but in the end, I think Coach Spence has a lot of confidence in the guards that he brought in and from what I have heard, even freshman forward Tabytha Wampler can do some of the same things from the 3 spot. With a healthy Madison Spence and Tyshae Walton returning, I think the Aggies will be fine, but Spanich was poised to have a pretty big year. Too bad.


Anonymous said...

She was pretty cute too.

Anonymous said...

Spanich leaving the program shows just how selfish some kids can be. Word on the streets is that she was worried about playing time and wasn't willing to share the spot light with better teammates. Maybe she'd rather be on a 9-23 team instead of a 23-9 team as long as she can have the spot light. Its too bad.

I think the new, young faces on this team will grow together and be a breath of fresh air. I'm so glad that Anikia Jawara kid is gone, she was hard to watch with all her out bursts.

I agree with coach about this team being exciting. Let's stay with them early on while they are learning each other.

Anonymous said...

In response to the second reply, I have heard some of the same things about playing time, etc. One other piece of information I got was that the coaching staff was considering putting Spanich at the 4 spot to help replace Neal and she was totally against the idea even though I think she could have done well from there. Also, have heard her father may be a driving force here as well so it could be a combination of not only a selfish player but a selfish and controlling parent as well.Hopefully the team will come together without her presence and do well again. Hopefully the camp that the Holt girl went to will pay dividends and she can step forward and be an impact this year down at the 4/5 position. And yes I am glad to see Jawara and her on court displays gone as well.

Anonymous said...

This is flat out selfishness at it's best!!

This is not an over night decision. This is something she was thinking about for a while and really hurt hurt the team by leaving in July vs. April!

The men's team lost a few kids but, they had the proffesionalism to announce their departure after the WAC tournament and give the team, time to replace them.

This little girl let her teamates and university down by iresponsibly delaying her decision till the very end.

Best of luck and grow up (soon) as a responsible adult!

Anonymous said...

If a kid is not happy, please leave!
My problem with this brat is that she leaves after the recruiting season has come and gone and, dosn't allow the staff to find a proper replacement!

Way to have you teamates backs and what a way to say "thank you" to the school that paid for your education.

What goes around.....

Anonymous said...

Who really cares if she leaves!

We shoulf be celebrating and supporting those hard working, dedicated kids who are in the program.

Stop writing about the bad apples who want to leave and write about the good kids who make our programs positive.

Anonymous said...

Her departure is not a big deal. She would have been coming off the bench anyhow.

She was a brat since day one and now, everyone knows it.

Good ridance and Go Aggies!!

Anonymous said...

Whoever called her a BRAT was right on!

The kid and her dad have a weird relationship. Did you notice how she always looked in the stands at her dad/family during the games instead of her coaches? She was playing for the wrong people.

The fact that she ran out on her coaches, teammates and Aggie fans just shows how selfish the kid is. Grow up!

Regardless of the position she plays, she should have given more to the program and university.

Three seniors from this past year: Carla Denning, Monique Bribiescas and Sherell Neal were here from the start, fighting the fights, building the program and improving things for the players coming behind them. This BRAT played with them and this is how she repays them! And, that stupid APR the NCAA put in will be a negative because of this and it isn't the programs fault!

The final straw that drove her out was the signing of Univ. Of Texas transfer Crystal Boyd. The BRAT didn't want to compete for playing time against her.

The program will be just fine and the kids here will be good. Let's get out next year and support the coaches and players.

Anonymous said...

From what I saw, and I was at every game, Hannah worked really hard. Sometimes things don't work out, and the flashes of brilliance I saw were things that I don't think worked in Spence's system. Sometimes I think he had the reigns on her a little too tightly. From what I saw, she was always clutch. I will agree, though, that it didn't help the program for her to announce this in the middle of summer.

Does anyone know what her plans are?

Anonymous said...

Hannah is a great girl. only if you knew, how hard it really is to play for Coach DS. If you go to the games all the girls are playing in fear. that man is controlling, and doesnt let the girls play. he always has to be in control. I dont think she quit because she was selfish, she quit for a good reason, if you look at DS history there every year one or more girls quit his team. Look what he did to one of his key player this yr as a senior, benched her so his daughter can play, wow some loyal coach we have at NMSU. Hannah good luck in everything you do I do not blame you at all for leaving actually it was a good thing you left.