Monday, July 21, 2008

A couple items of note

First regarding the men's schedule. A few people have posted another blog entry that has the Aggies in the Preseason NIT. I felt like a slacker that I hadn't mentioned that game, so I called coach Menzies, who said it was news to him so take that as you must. Menzies also said that Stanford is seriously considering pulling out in favor of another game, but that game could still get done. The last few weeks have been interesting, as about a month ago, the Aggies were close to a home and home contract with Nebraska that fell through so I guess you never know until the school releases the schedule.

Here is a story by news reporter Jose Medina on Jahmar Young who opted out of a plea deal in favor of a jury trial in September.


Anonymous said...

What's up with JY? Who is giving this kid the direction and advice he obviously needs? Why drag the thing out when it could've been over with and the team could move on. This is another weight around them they don't need to mess with. Its too bad, but Menzies will now have to deal with this when he should be worrying about the team getting ready to play.

Jason Groves said...

anon: I agree with you from the basketball standpoint, because if he is convicted he faces up to two years in jail, which would put the hoops team in a bad spot. Lets say he is convicted, does a week in jail and is put on probation. It would be interesting how Menzies chose to deal with it. I mean he would have served his debt to society and Menzies could realistically move on from there.

But from Jahmar's side, I can't really question his decision to go to trial. His public defender has not returned calls so it's hard to tell why he chose to go to trial, but it's his right and it shows he's confident things will work out in his favor.

Anonymous said...

Were any of the charges felonies? If not it would be impossible for him to go to jail more than a year.

Jason Groves said...

They are all misdemeanors. Thanks for the post