Sunday, July 20, 2008

Schedule news

I have seen on a message board talk of a preseason NIT appearance. As I said on a previous response to a blogger, I remember Coach Menzies spoke about the interest in the Aggies for the preseason NIT after a game during the regular season. I haven't heard much talk develop from that, but they are listed on a preseason NIT website. It would be nice for them if it does pan out, but my understanding was that there is a push for home games at NMSU to put people back in the seats.

What I do feel confident about is the USC, Pepperdine, and I have learned of a road game at Stanford, which could have been the reason for the delay, but perhaps its putting the finishing touches on the NIT schedule.

Here is a column I wrote for Sunday's paper about the upcoming basketball season. Bottom line is that I'm also looking forward to the basketball schedule for men and women's hoops to be released.


Anonymous said...

NIT? The WNIT powers to be hosed our girls team last season. Did you hear they came back and wanted the girls to participate in this coming years pre-season tournament? The problem was they called so late that the coach would've had to move around four scheduled games and they wouldn't guarantee them a home game. Home games are a premium. Nice of the WNIT group to try and make up for passing them over in the post season.I hear from the SID's that the girls team coach is wanting to release the schedule this week.

Anonymous said...

Actually, UTEP did not split with the Aggies last season. UTEP swept the Aggies.

November 27, 2007: UTEP 84 - NMSU 76

December 8, 2007: UTEP 79 - NMSU 78

To refresh your memory, here is an excerpt from an article you wrote:

Author: Jason Groves/Sun-News reporter
Article ID: 7673444
Date: December 8, 2007
Publication: Las Cruces Sun-News (NM)

LAS CRUCES - Stefon Jackson's encore performance was too much for New Mexico State. After scoring 30 points in a 84-76 victory over the Aggies in El Paso on Nov. 27, the Texas-El Paso senior guard followed with a career-high 36 in a 79-78 Miners victory on Saturday at the Pan American Center, sweeping the Aggies in the season series.

Jason Groves said...

Yes I know anon: I apologize for the mistake, I was thinking a split with UNM and that's what got into the paper. Thanks for putting me in line.