Saturday, July 13, 2013

NMSU 2013-14 schedule: Nov. 8/9 Game 1 vs. Western Michigan (Rainbow Classic)

I wanted to do a brief look at each of the Aggies upcoming opponents. I'm not sure in which order NMSU will open the Rainbow Classic but Western Michigan is listed as the first game.

Game 1
Western Michigan
Last season: 22-13, 10-6 in Mid American (Lost in Conference semis, NIT)
Key returner (s): Redshirt senior center Shayne Whittington and redshirt senior guard David Brown. Whittington (13 ppg) and Brown (11 ppg) were the teams top two scorers last year. At 6-11, Whittington was and is the team's biggest player. The next two biggest players on the team's 2013-14 roster are 6-8 redshirt freshman Kellen McCormick and 6-7 freshman Mario Masasovic.
Something to watch: I think NMSU should open the season with a couple wins at least in Hawaii. But it's always interesting to see how things fit together if this is in fact their season opener.


Anonymous said...

The Aggies are notoriously bad at the start of the season. Expect two losses to the Lobos and one to the Miners. Add losses in games against other teams we are expected to lose to, and then add a few losses to teams we should have beaten but inexplicably come up short against. Expect the team to start the season without a few players critical to success because of any number of reasons: injuries, academics, broken team rules, what have you.

Don't be surprised if we begin conference play once again with a losing record.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16 is on the spot.

Under MM, NMSU is pretty attrocious to start the season!

Groves is overly optimistic and knows what the Bball team looks like early in the season. History has a way of repeating itself, Groves!

By the time they get going in late February, fans aren't even showing up to the games

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:16/8:06,

What great attitudes. Get your facts straight. You make it sound like the Aggies start conference play every year with a losing record or that the Aggies are the only team that suffers injuries. Incorrect. Would you rather NMSU schedule a bunch of Junior College schools to start the season? Seriously? We MUST schedule tough (possible losses), games in order to get any kind of look by the NCAA Selection Committee for tourney time. Am I thinking way ahead? Of course. Look at how pathetic the WAC looks now. Do you honestly think we'll have a rough time in conference now? We can't be content with just making the tourney. Who cares? Getting wins in the tourney is what matter now. Like I said before, MM has posted winning seasons here. Now it's time for him to take the program to the next level. Tourney wins.

Regarding the fan comment, fans don't show up to games in either Cruces of El Paso because a lot of people around here would rather whine and complain than show any kind of support for the local teams. Look at all the minor league teams that have been in El Paso (Buzzards, Diablos, Rhinos, etc). All have failed because no one cares if they don't win every game. Fair weather fans.
We had 26 wins a couple years ago and we hardly had fans then. True fans go to games and show support no matter how bad the team is playing because at least those players are out there trying their best to represent a community that doesn't support them like they should. Granted it's only a small number of "so-called" fans that complain or don't show up to games.
I'd like to see any of you play or coach any better than what we have now.


Have you heard that this game won't be their season opener?