Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Menzies keeping Bhullar away from NCAA buzz

There is a lot of buzz on Twitter and online regarding NMSU freshman center Sim Bhullar.

Here is an AP story about Saint Louis center Rob Loe, who is going to be a handful in his own right, plans to defend Bhullar. Loe seems like an Alex Kirk type of center. Rugged, but can also step out and shoot.

I was able to speak with Bhullar prior to the WAC Tournament, but he wasn't available again until winning the Tournament MVP award after averaging 12 and 10 in the WAC tournament and a 16 point, 15 rebound five block performance in the title game.

Bhullar wasn't available on Monday before the team left and I'm not sure if he will be at the Aggies' press conference around noon on Wednesday.

"Freshmen in general, I don't like to over expose them to this," Aggies coach Marvin Menies said. "Dealing with the media in this day and age is a different media.  I think less is more for younger kids. I don't need him to have a great interview and a great press conference. I need to have him play well in the game. My focus is winning the game, not winning the press conference."

Menzies would rather keep Bhullar focused on the task at hand and let his more experienced players get the attention. It will be interesting to see how much the Aggies veterans can calm down Bhullar and other players who are making their first appearance in the tournament.

"It's a huge huge event. It's the Big Dance. It can be overwhelming for a young kid," Menzies said. "Even for an older kid who has never been there. The experience of just going through that process is good. I'm hoping we will benefit from that."

I'm sure if the Aggies spring the upset, Bhullar will be on the podium. If not, "You guys will have more access next year, put it that way."


Anonymous said...

Oh please this is the first round of the tournament and the Aggie's won't be seeing the second round, Let him have some fun with the media.

joe said...

now thats what im talking about.

Anonymous said...

Smart move by Menzies.

I also like the fact that this years team is not talking trash like last year and 3 yrs ago.

Let your game do the talking. Go Aggies!!

Your doing a heck of a job covering the Aggies, Groves!


Anonymous said...

That's the spirit 8:59! The spirit of a loser. Good thing MM is no loser.

Anonymous said...

Not saying this is the case here but some athletes are intentionally kept away from media interviews because of the way they come across,some just don't have the communication skills to do interviews.

Anonymous said...

I wish JY had been kept away from interviews 3 years ago. And I love Wen, but he didn't do himself any favors prior to the IU game last year


Anonymous said...

To the first post, the Aggies are already in the second round of games in the NCAA, they dont have to play in the first round. Your NCAA basketball knowledge is 0. Your just a hater.

Anonymous said...

I remember Tim Hardaway when he was at UTEP. It was hard to watch interviews with him. To his credit, he overcame whatever it was that was making him have such a hard time speaking and eventually became comfortable in front of the microphone.

As far as keeping Sim away from the media, more power to Menzies. He knows his players best.

Anonymous said...

'I don't need him to have a great interview and a great press conference. I need to have him play well in the game. My focus is winning the game, not winning the press conference.'

I like this. Great sign coming from MM.

Let us see how it goes!


Anonymous said...

Looks like maturing is starting to show itself. Thank Heavens and Go Aggies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

seriously you all think mm is a winner? really? Wow you guys can have him and boston.