Thursday, March 14, 2013

Postseason keys and prediction: Idaho

Limit Hill and Madison: Idaho center Kyle Barone has proven to be difficult for the Aggies this year, scoring 18 and 26 points against NMSU this year. The Aggies can't let Stephen Madison and Connor Hill get going. Hill kept Idaho close in Las Cruces. Barone, Hill and and Madison have scored 43.7 of Idaho's 69 points per game this season.

Stop penetration: Barone gets a lot of points off penetration as guards get into the paint and find him for dunks. Mullings, Sy and the point guard have to try to keep Idaho's guards in front of them.

Keep Bhullar involved offensively: Sim Bhullar was 8-8 in the last game against Idaho. Idaho center Kyle Barone has only fouled out once this season, but making him work on both ends could rob his legs on those jump shots later in the game. It will be interesting to see if perhaps Idaho throws a different defense at the Aggies since nothing they have done this year has seemed to work.

NMSU hasn't failed to make the WAC semis. I don't think that ends today, although it looks like Watson will not play. Aggies win 69-66


Anonymous said...

Despite another horrible coaching job the Aggies win!/sarcasm

Anonymous said...

Despite playing Duke, no, Kansas, no, UNM, no, Utah State? NO...IDAHO, a victory/sarcasm

Anonymous said...

That doesn't even make sense. He can only play who's on the schedule.

Anonymous said...

the point is the schedule doesn't say how good or not good he is because we play poopoo teams...You see, ust because they won the game doesn't mean the coach is any good...not in this case...when you are playing a team with a 249 RPI, and you have the kind of talent we have, I could coach them to could coach them to my opinion.