Saturday, March 2, 2013

Denver: Three keys and a prediction

Defend the 3: Denver probably won't go 3-18 from 3-point range against the Aggies again, but I think the Aggies' length on the wings and now with the additional depth with Watson will again make it difficult for Denver to get open shots. Denver center Chris Udofia, who had some success driving past Bhullar early, was 1-6 from 3-point range in the first game. Udofia seems to be a completely different player at home, shooting 47 percent from 3 while shooting 30 percent for the season from long range. Bhullar and Dixon will have to step out further on him, which could open the paint up for those back cuts.

Pound the paint again: NMSU out rebounded Denver 41-24 in the first game wtih 18 offensive rebounds. The Aggies had eight more shot attempts than Denver but shot just 36 percent. NMSU probably has to shoot closer to 40 percent tonight like they did in the first half of the first game. The Aggies also need to take care of the ball. Denver is second in the WAC with 15.4 turnovers forced per game.

Remain focused: NMSU has already had so many distractions this year that Tyrone Watson's return likely won't affect them. It will be interesting to see how the Aggies move roles around though.

The Aggies were very good defensively in the first game, very disciplined and if they take that same focus on the road, which they have for the most part, I think NMSU wins 64-60 on the road.


Anonymous said...

Just when I thought Menzies could not display any more stupidity, when I thought Menzies had completely depleted his stupidity jar, what does he do?

He inserts into the starting line-up the guy who was just indicted and hadn't played in over a month and only practiced since Wednesday of this week.

In the first four minutes of the game, Watson badly missed a wide-open lay-up, got lost defensively on three separate occasions, and proved he's a liability.

I suppose Watson threatened Menzies that he'd "Rascon" the coach.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise! Watson got a technical for being overly aggressive after blocking a shot and play was dead.

Please go away, Watson. You're a thug-jerk and not wanted in Las Cruces. Take your coach and athletic director with you, too, They're not wanted here either. Y'all are a bunch of pigs.

Anonymous said...

Watson's a liability. He's been beaten so many times on defense during the second half that it's laughable. His return spelled doom for any time for Kevin Aronis.

Anonymous said...

Menzo seems to forget what brought the Aggies out of the HOLE in the game against the Miners. Waiting to the last minutes to bring Aronis into the game really sucks!
Menzo got out coached big time!