Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crazy day in the WAC

We have a 9 seed and a 7 seed in the semifinals on Friday.

UTSA's victory over top-seeded Louisiana Tech was just the second time the No. 9 seed beat the No. 1 seed in the WAC Tournament and the first since Air Force beat Colorado State in 1990. It was only the third time the top two seeds went down in the quarterfinals.

It will be interesting to see how Texas State and UTSA play in their third game in three days while No. 3 NMSU and No. 4 Arlington are playing their second game of the week.

It's too bad that UTSA, La. Tech, teams that are up and coming, are leaving the WAC. Even Texas State and Arlington have players and good coaches.


Anonymous said...

I am one of the resident MM critics :-) Here is my offer: If the Aggies can manage to win this tournament and ONE game in the big dance, I will take a vacation from MM bashing for the rest of 2013.

Otherwise, the beat will go on.

Go Aggies!

ps: Jason mentions how its too bad certain teams are leaving the WAC...this is NMSU's last year in a mediocre year it will be Hello junior varsity!

Anonymous said...

We're waiting breathlessly for your next Debbie Downer comment, Sunshine. Have a miserable remaining 2013.

Anonymous said...

It's likely we will win the WAC tourney. It's unlikely we'll win a game in the Dance. Regardless, MM is doing a stellar job. Go over to and check out the forums. See how well your opinion is received by educated fans.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:56am
Who cares what you think or do, you do not even supply any type of name.
Big Al

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:56,

Ah NMSU is still in the WAC next year and yes it will be mediocre again. The football team is without a conference. I don't see us winning a game IF we make it to the NCAA's. Joe Lunardi has us as a 14th seed in his latest bracket which would put us against a top 10 team. Yeah that's ugly.


Yeah that was a crazy day. I didn't see that happening at all. I figured La Tech would lose, but not Denver. Now I'm concerned with Arlington. Go Aggies!!


Anonymous said...

sorry guys for being the debbie downer...the one who is not educated...thank you for wishing me a miserable 2013....

glad we are keeping this from getting personal :-)

By the name is Alan, Big Al...

Regardless of all your flailing about,, and getting emotional, the truth is that I have followed this team tirelessly for 45 years and this remains my opinion.

I am happy the aggies managed to pull out the victory against the team with a 274 RPI WOW!

Sorry, guys, gals, lizards, snakes, whoever you are...doesn't get the blood pumping

and like JH, I am also concerned with Arlington....

Anonymous said...

You mad yet Anon? MM wins you fail as a fan. We go dancing.