Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tyrone Watson appeals suspension

I've done OK this season predicting NMSU games although not so much on the point spreads.

I'm going to make another prediction based on McKinley Boston's comments on Tuesday regarding Tyrone Watson's suspension.

Here is the story on Watson appealing his suspension with NMSU.

Here are two comments from Boston that have me believing that Watson will return to the basketball court at some point this season.

“He can’t practice with the team but I haven’t made the determination if he can travel with the team or not,” Boston said.

“The history of these, I have accepted the committee’s recommendation,” Boston said. “Once they make a recommendation, I then will either accept or reject it. At that point, if I don’t accept the recommendation, the suspension will continue.”

Why would Watson travel with the team on Wednesday if there wasn't a real possibility the suspension could be lifted sometime this week? If he were to be re-instated, he could probably catch a flight to San JOse or Utah to meet up with the team at that point. 

I think if we are all realistic, we know the felony charge won't stick. I'm sure there was more detailed accounts from Watson's lawyer on Tuesday to that effect, not to mention other accounts that Watson has been a good student with no disturbances throughout  a five year career. All things the committee could consider moving forward in Watson's favor. 


Anonymous said...

No reason whatsoever to have Mr. Bad Vibes Watson be around the team. The road already has enough distractions.

Stay home and sulk.

Anonymous said...

NMS has a history of protecting athletes who get in trouble with the law.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. What does him being a good student have to do with a felony charge? What about the victim, who has to recover from getting clobbered, who has missed school, who was hospitalized? Watson gets to keep going, business as usual while the kid who got clocked gets to live with his injuries?

If Watson punched this guy out, without justification as reported, he needs to be booted. Let him keep his scholly, but get him off the team.

If NMSU wants to keep its reputation of having thugs on the team, this is the way.

Anonymous said...

This is an odd situation. He can't practice, but the university might allow him to travel with the team? In other words, paying for his hotel, food, airfare, etc.
Look we need to remember our justice system and being innocent until proven guilty, but with that being said, this isn't a minor crime. A kid was beaten and EVEN if the charges are reduced, the behavior Tyrone exhibited is unacceptable. We all must take responsibility for our actions. He needs to be away from the team for the time being because his legal issues will be a distraction to the other players. Besides, if they let him travel, what kind of message is that going to send? This will turn into a media circus and the university doesn't need any more bad press. If he's cleared by the committee, he can participate with the team next week, but there's no reason to rush this.


Anonymous said...

WOW your removed responses by the public for what reason Mr. Groves ? Is it because you and your newspaper are supporters of this kind of fan and condone their behavior ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46,

Actually, NMSU has a history of removing players from their teams. The ones that come to mind are the one involved with that pizza deal and that kid who tussled with the cop in a store.

You want to see a school who protects players, look at UTEP. They had a player break another player's jaw with a punch, ala T Watson, who got a one game suspension. Another arrested for assaulting a police officer, case disappeared. Another arrested for harboring a fugitive (prime suspect in a murder), case dropped. Plus, two BB coaches arrested for DUI, cases dropped.

But then again, you already knew all this, didn't you... :-)

Anonymous said...

This is a tough situation for NMSU and, more importantly, Tyrone Watson. I agree with JH that he should be held responsible for his actions but I also hope that your statement, Jason, that this will not end up as a felony is the outcome. Whether Tyrone ever plays basketball for NMSU is secondary when compared to a one time incident that lasted 5 to 10 seconds that will impact him for the rest of his life. Yes, I understand the effect this had on the victim and I feel sorry for him and his family and I hope he recovers completely. This was a dumb mistake and I salute any of you or any of your kids that hasn't done something dumb or stupid and if one or two things hadn't changed, maybe would have changed your life. As for NMSU protecting athletes or having thugs on their team. I completely disagree with that. I think the school has handled tough situations in the past properly and quickly. We hear about athletes because they have a higher profile than the rest of the student body and the media pursues this more aggressively. I think the student athletes I saw at halftime last Saturday for their academic achievemnts is a good example of the direction the athletes attending NMSU.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:22,

The thing is, if what is reported is true, and Watson attacked and injured someone, then it's battery, plain and simple. It is a felony. Now, some sympathetic judge may be reduce the charge to something else, but what is the reality? What he did is what he did. Is someone changing the charge against him reason to let the guy back on the team? Aren't the concerns about "felony" or not just smoke that takes away the requirement that he be removed from the team, thus allowing him to play.

And you speak of kids making mistakes. This isn't just a mistake. It's a huge mistake. Putting someone in the hospital is way beyond a simple mistake. Rage should not be tolerated. Inability to control one's self is no excuse.

And what about the exposure of the university? Not only from the kid who was clobbered and his family, but exposure do to negative publicity. Does NMSU need that?

Again, if he did was was reported, then let Watson continue with his studies and graduate. Just keep him away from the team.

Anonymous said...

Bad deal all the way around, I have heard from reliable sources that the "victim" was dirty dancing with Watsons girlfriend and Watson had asked the guy to stop. Not only did the guy continue but he "dished" Watson in the process. I would of done the same thing without thinking of the consequences. There are alot of arrogant little punks out there these days. I do not know the facts, all I know is what I have heard. Someone gets punched at Grahams Central Station at least once a week for situations stated above. Happens at big Fraternity partys all the time also. Difference here is that Watson is a big fish in a small pond.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and make excuses if you want. Reliable sources? Yeah. Right.

The difference is that Watson put a 240 pound frame behind a punch that shattered the face of a 140 pound guy and put him in the hospital. That doesn't happen at Grahams every day.

Watson isn't a big fish. If he did this thing as reported, he's a stupid fish.

And no, it doesn't matter if he was dancing with his girlfriend or not, unless she didn't want him dancing with her. Who she dances with isn't Watson's decision, it's hers.

Anymore excuses?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:22 was right. The university has handled previous incidents correctly so let's not start throwing the school under the bus. I disagree with Anon 3:21saying that you would have done the same thing Watson is accused of doing. What would losing control resolve? Nothing. You'd be off the team too. It's "dissed" by the way. Unfortunately the student athletes are held to a higher standard so they need to be much more aware that ANYTHING they do can and will be scrutinized by both the media and the public.

We don't know all the details of what ACTUALLY happened that night folks. Until we see and actual police report or when this goes to court will we truly know what happened. There could be more to this than we know. Either way, he needs to be held accountable and I think the university is handling it correctly.

Anon 7:52

Maybe the comments you submitted were inappropriate or the grammer was just that bad. Jason and Teddy have posted comments that are even negative towards the two of them numerous times. Heck, maybe they just didn't receive your post. Try submitting again and we'll see. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

1) Tyrone Nelson beat the crap out of a pizza guy.
2) Tyrone Watson beat the crap out of a guy at a party.
3) NMSU suspended both Tyrones.

Conclusion: Don't recruit anymore Tyrones.

Anonymous said...

Reports have Watson at 220 pounds and victim at 180 pounds. Now you are saying 100 pound difference? You are a Utag, Lobo or Miner fan just trying to add fuel to the fire. Your statement is a joke.